Well-known Sydney real estate specialist, Bashar Ibrahim, has announced his firm will commence strategic plans to coordinate property development in Melbourne and Brisbane in 2022.

Earlier this week, Bashar Ibrahim, a highly regarded real estate developer and specialist, announced that his firm would be expanding its geographic scope to include Melbourne and Brisbane, two vital Australian real estate markets. The plans have been tentatively put in place for 2022, pending border restrictions and other regulatory hurdles in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, which could set the project in limbo (should Australia experience another wave of the virus).

Upon formally announcing the project, Ibrahim remarked that ‘Both the Brisbane and Melbourne real estate markets represent incredible opportunities for growth and infrastructure development’. He also added that ‘We expect to see massive population growth once the coronavirus pandemic subsides and international travel and migration can resume to some sense of pre-pandemic normality. With these projected trends in mind, there will be a historical need for other infrastructure and housing to accommodate this population density growth.’

With rising housing prices essentially barring individuals from entering the housing market, apartment complexes are becoming the next best thing. Ibrahim’s development company have successfully cultivated a reputation for success and efficiency. His projects are often characterised by open plan living spaces, extended balconies, and serene internal furnishings.

With a universal appeal that is both timeless and pragmatic, Bashar’s development projects continue to amaze individuals, young couples and families, meaning his apartments work well for anyone and everyone! In fact, Ibrahim outlined how the apartment spaces would have more living area, meaning those who love to house small parties with friends and family could do so without any problems.

In addressing whether these project developments will be of the same quality and aesthetic as his Sydney-based projects, Ibrahim said “Our Sydney projects have always delivered quality and reliable living. Our Brisbane and Melbourne apartments will be no exception.” Ibrahim gave no completion date on the project, nor would he disclose when the development would be market-ready, citing the extreme uncertainty in the current real estate market and general economic climate.

Bashar Ibrahim is a well-respected real estate consultant and property developer in Sydney. His current plans to expand inter-state reflect his desire to diversify his portfolio and expertise. As one of the most prominent and well-known real estate developers, Bashar Ibrahim continues to cement his legacy in the industry.



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