When speaking about style and modesty, the Nomos Brand has magnificently expressed their versatility with tens of thousands of watch-likers worldwide. With some of its headquarters in Germany, the corporation Nomos was established in 19090 by Roland Schwertner, a couple of months after the collapse of the iconic Berlin Wall.

Nomos Industry produces only hand-wrapped wristwatches throughout its development, with its initial series modeled by craftsman Susanne Günther. The very first Nomos automated piece was launched in 2005 by their steadfast dedication. Since then, Nomos watches have been on the forepart line, making both automatic and manual timepieces.

A Little Bit of History

With the support of more than 260 workers, Nomos has steadily developed the operating structures of its products. Nowadays, Nomos Watches provide thirteen in-house larger calibers, all of which have their specific unique feature. This has all been effectively inspired by their ability to have traditional watch styles that exhibit a sleek and trendy design.

Lately, in another one of their advancements, in 2014, Nomos watches enjoyed their freedom with the Nomos shift method. That new mechanism consists of their very own chronograph movement, which has effectively meant that their automatic watches are ticking and marking despite reliance on foreign sources for their calibres.

The Nomos Orion

As a real elegance, the Nomos Orion device seems to have all the specifications that complement every distinct look. Outside, the Nomos piece has also been elegantly crafted with enticing shapes all over, all perfectly matched with the soft, eternally youthful rows that accentuate every eye.

A Nomos Orion with such a very thin DUW 3001 firepower is also accessible for fans of technology. Although the users enjoy automated ticking, this accuracy, in addition to its general functionality, has proven the innovation and creativity of Nomos. It was positively received, mostly on race with several honors.

In order to make sure that any iconic fashion has been taken into consideration, Orion products are accessible across over twenty various models, all of them made with a conventional yet high-tech perspective. There’s more to it. This German piece was equipped with a beautiful central dome crystal of sapphire on the front.

The Nomos Ahoi

Strong and wonderfully built, Nomos Ahoi brings an unforgettable encounter to your dream expedition. They were all packed with such outstanding elegance and ease of record keeping. This device is absolutely exceptional for sports enthusiasts. Since it has anything clients could have expected from their previous mechanical pieces.

In addition, with the superluminova covering offered, the Nomos Ahoi piece guarantees that users can chart their time even deep under the water by using its flashing hands. On the other side, its cloth band has also been greatly tailored with the glamorous beauty of France, opposite the Nomos stainless metal adhesive, which ensures a seamless hold on the wrist.

The Classic Nomos Tangente

The formed Nomos Tangente has become one of the top sellers of such a Nomos-based organization for the last 25 years. Beginning with its optimistic nature, this wristwatch has earned a high rating among its customers, thus awarding multiple honors to its designers. Its unique nature has influenced many, especially those who love Bauhaus design.

As it is one of the mature Nomos products, it reflects the ideals of a true pioneer in fashion. In its 19 various types, the Nomos Tangente piece still produces a thin tick, along with the variants with an automatic calibre, as well as the neomatik calibre, which would be considered to be of the most remarkable accuracy.

The Unpretentious Nomos Club

Although some are known as authorized and expensive athletic watches, the Nomos Club has also been built to facilitate every event and anybody. Without any breeze and thus no grace, its youthful lipstick allows it to be fashionable on any general meeting, and yet when you hack a rope with your partner on the red carpet.

Given its multi-purpose nature, this German piece boasts exceptional calibers crafted by Nomos’ best talents. Depending on clients’ perfect choice, they can conveniently have the Nomos Club with their preferred caliber in it as an automatic device. Each of them would have been custom crafted to guarantee that the user’s wrist has a simple Nomos click.



Nomos is a respected maker of suitable electronic timepieces. Carefully produced, the brand has created a remarkable range of specific luxury watches with the utmost accuracy due to their high-tech manufacturing techniques and traditional artistry. Nomos products are entirely new in style and yet too conventional in their elegance.



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