What could be better than a sunny afternoon paired up with a cool sport such as jet skiing! Much like anything else, jet skiing can be a fun yet dangerous sport, especially for beginners. The entire point of this water sport is to enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with its fair share of thrills and risks. If you are a beginner at jet skiing, you are at the right place. Based on expert advice, here are 7 jet ski safety tips you need to know!

Always Wear a Life Jacket

Every single time you set off into the water with your jet ski, make sure that you have a life jacket on. There are no exceptions to this rule, regardless of one’s experience with jet skiing. It is to be noted that even the life jackets must be tested once a year. This helps in ensuring that they haven’t worn off or lost their flamboyance to maintain their efficiency in providing an optimum level of safety.

Watch Out for the Weather

This is one of the most underrated safety tips that one must always follow before leaving for the water. Always check the local weather first before beginning to ski your get to prevent any mishaps, one can always carry a small radio to keep an eye out for inclement weather. Get off the water and take the first exit in case you notice any sudden weather shift sloppy water, lightning, dark skies, or fierce waves coming your way.

Plan Ahead of the Game

Before you jet ski, it’s important to take a few additional precautionary measures and stay ahead of the same. First and foremost, make sure that you know and understand all laws related to jet skis in your area Have a float plan ready regarding where are you heading and how long must it take to come back. Always make sure to do a pre-skiing check like checking for fuel, onboard equipment et cetera. Some experts also recommend doing a beginner’s course to stay one step ahead.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

If you are a first-time or even a beginner jet ski rider, refrain from trying anything crazy right off the bat. As we get more comfortable, we are tempted to try out new techniques and stunts. But one must always prioritize their safety and stay in their lane. Increase your pace gradually, don’t take sharp turns, be careful of wakes, don’t go too far into the sea, and stay away from waves.

Keep up with Maintenance

Similar to any vehicle such as a car, a jet ski needs regular maintenance to run properly. If you own a jet ski, make sure to look after its maintenance every quarter. If you are simply renting out a jet ski, you still need to ask for the maintenance records. This might seem like an unnecessary precaution but will help prevent any mishappening in the water. Always know your model and its specifications before riding any ski.

Wear a Watercraft Helmet

Wearing a watercraft helmet is another tip that has helped prevent several injuries. This is especially recommended and even compulsory in some states for underage jet ski riders. In case of any sudden bumps, it helps in protecting one’s area above the neck. Other than this, it also helps in preventing flying debris from entering the eyes.

Take it Slow

Although the thrill of jet skiing lies in its speed, avoid speeding as a beginner. It can lead to one being too close to another vessel and losing control. Make sure that you start with a speed that you are comfortable with, and have ample time to make turns. You can gradually take off at a faster pace after getting in some practice.

Carry a Whistle

This is another one of the most underrated tips for first-time riders. It is always suggested to wear a whistle on the neck or the wrist as an extra safety step. Just in case you are ever thrown off your jet ski, you can easily call in for help without destroying your vocal cords.

Have a Dry Bag

Preparing a dry bag is one of the most essential steps one must undertake before jet skiing. Some of the standard stuff that everyone must have in their bag includes their license, sunblock, first aid kit, tracking device, waterproof phone case, and other essentials. Having a dry bag ensures that you are always prepared for unforeseeable situations and get out of the safe and sound.

Refrain Your Consuming Alcohol

Popping a beer before heading off with the jet ski is quite a common practice that can lead to hazardous and legal consequences. However, it is important to note down that drinking before riding is just as dangerous as drinking before driving. It impacts one’s focus, concentration, and ability to make decisions and jerks off the balance. To make sure that your coordination stays on point, it is advised not to consume alcohol 12-24 hours before jet skiing.


And last but not the least, have fun while you are at it! So, make sure you are taking calculated risks, all precautionary measures, and enjoying the ride. Keep these tips in mind, stay tuned for more tips and you will be good to go!



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