After living in the shade of your home and family, moving to a new city for education or work can be equal parts exhilarating and challenging. You can’t stop yourself from creating fun scenarios – now you’ll get a chance to party through the night, or finally take that trip to Goa with a new bunch of friends, or even something more humble but important – like getting to wake-up or sleep by your own schedule instead of that set by your parents!

Well when you are painting rosy pictures, no one quite tells you about what can cause a shade – managing your own bills and living expenses without becoming broke at the end of every month for starters, or figuring out how to navigate life in a new city (from running your own household to fighting homesickness). Things that look daunting though, can very well become great experiences. Be it a boys PG in Delhi, a rented apartment in Bengaluru, a managed accommodation in Ahmedabad or any other thousands of places where you may choose to stay, here are a few things you’ll have to navigate:

Finding Your Second Home

No, we don’t have to set ourselves a tall order to find a place that can be just like home. But finding one that comes close is not impossible. Don’t just pick the first spot that looks pretty to you, or the one with the fanciest online photos. Ask around, check out reviews, speak to current residents and scope out a place before you decide to move in.

With many professional accommodation operators in the market, you don’t have to compromise with a surly landlord or a cramped, old building. Finding a place that gives you some comfort is a good first step to finding your second home. It is not only the people you live with but those you share experiences with who can feel like home in a new city.

If you are in a co-living set-up like a PG, hostel or professional accommodation, spend time getting to know them. These days, accommodation operators organize a lot of social activities that you can enjoy with co-residents. Plan outings, join hobby classes, actively seek out people to connect with and a ‘too’ new city will soon start feeling familiar.

Food, food, food!

However good a chef you are, there are chances you will miss the familiarity of home-cooked food, especially if you move to a place where the regional cuisine is very distinct from home. On top of this, making your own meals everyday can fast become a painful chore and it won’t be long before that Swiggy or Zomato deal starts looking yummy. And that’s one habit that will be heavy on the wallet and on your health.

So, what are the options – get someone to cook for you? Tie-up with a tiffin service? Or maybe just choose to stay in a place that has all this sorted? Unlike PGs, hostels or rented apartments, managed accommodation facilities like Stanza Living have professional chefs curating menu options so you can choose what you want to eat and enjoy healthy and delicious meals cooked in FSSAI-licensed kitchens.

Keeping Tabs on Your Wallet

Back home your mom and dad usually took care of the bills, household expenses, purchases etc. With you moving out of the house and into an independent room, you now need to work with a budget and aim to not be broke by the end of the month. Don’t worry, no one is an expert at this in the beginning, so you’ll get a hang of this too over time.

One smart move you can make to sort your monthly dependencies is picking to stay in a managed accommodation. With their all-inclusive packages, you can be assured that they will take care of water, electricity, food, internet, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance etc in a single monthly rental. That gives definite room to maneuver other expenses.

If you are shifting to a new city then you may face some difficulties like packing your precious belongings and relocating to your new destination. So you should hire a reliable house moving service for your upcoming relocation. Finding a professional moving company from search engines is not so easy. So here Assure Shift can help you in finding verified packers and movers in Delhi at an affordable price.

Living alone is an opportunity to experience what makes you, you. Make the most of it!




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