Have you ever heard the name of email finder or email scraper? What about email tester?

Do you search the name of companies and individuals in the web to find out their emails? Is it a reliable method? Can you ensure the correctness of the emails you found in this way!? Is there a way to check the accuracy of an email address before sending email to it?

Here I want to introduce Mail-Scraper which is a great email finder and email tester! I found it months ago and since then it became my best friend in email marketing!

I give emails to Mail-Scraper’s email tester and it checks their accuracy for me. Moreover its email finder detects the companies’ and individuals’ emails based on their names.

Do Clients Still Use Email?

Of course YES! Though the widespread use of social media and messengers like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram and etc., still email has its great place for companies and is known as the official way of business communication.

So to find the correct emails of clients means that you are on the true path!

 How Does Mail-Scraper Work?

Mail-Scraper has a comprehensive database of companies and individual emails with millions of email addresses. As they mentioned in their website, this database is updated every day and continuously.

In addition to this offline email database, it also checks online web pages to find mistakes and as a double check.

Who Are Mail-Scraper’ Users?

Mail-Scraper’s email finder and email tester are not only useful for startups but also is a great choice for any experienced business people and companies who need to update their old clients’ contacts or find new potential customers.

Keep in mind that a key success factor in any business plan is to update clients’ contacts and information several times a year to find contacts of new customers as well as the updated information related to old customers.

Bulk Email Finder

Mail-Scraper has a great bulk email finder through which I upload lists of companies’ names and it returns back list of their emails.

Usually the lists that I upload include over 1 hundred company names but I had uploaded several lists with about 1000 names. All were converted to company emails faster than my expectations.

Reliable Data

Honestly most of the emails given by Mail-Scraper were true and real. Also the result of its email tester was great too. “Over 98% of the provided emails are accurate” as mentioned in Mail-Scraper.


Mail-Scraper’ email finder and email tester help me to increase inbox deliverability and reduce email bounce rate.

High Speed

Both the email finder and email tester of Mail-Scraper work very fast. It is not important how many company names you want to convert to company emails; one or one hundred, all is done within the shortest possible time.

While finding company emails through manual search and Googling takes too much time, Mail-Scraper is much faster and covers my expectations within seconds.

Person Email Finder

Another great service of Mail-Scraper is its person email finder through which a company name and a person name are given to Mail-Scraper and a second after clicking the search button, the result which is the list of emails related to that person are shown.

The interesting point is that as many emails as the person have are found through Mail-Scraper offline database and online web investigation.



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