Business and information technology go hand-in-hand. Nowadays, companies fetch and nurture employees having a deep understanding of running technology-driven processes. Consequently, these employees register better perks in their professional lives with more employment opportunities across various firms. So, it’s essential to focus on strengthening core operations and technology infrastructure to drive an optimized organization.

Who can forget ITIL certifications when it comes to maximizing technology utility in business? ITIL foundation remains among the top ten highest-payIT certifications worldwide. So, more and more experts and managers pace to get themselves certified at the earliest. The prestigious certifications provide you with more value in the industry and higher wages, in turn. It’s a high-yielding thought if you are planning to take the exam shortly.

Like any other city, Austin is booming with ITIL-certified professionals and several candidates willing to earn the valuable certification. At this point, a common question might be hitting your mind, “how do I get my ITIL certification in Austin?”. Don’t worry anymore. Keep reading! Here is the ultimate resource to guide you through getting ITIL certification in Austin.

What is ITIL?

Halt! Let’s address your concern before anything if it’s a yes! Are you wondering what ITIL is, after all?

Also known as ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library was a series of books initially. It’s a collection of ITSM best practices to align your business to deliver IT-aligned services effortlessly. ITIL offers guidance for better IT governance, assisting organizations in dodging common mistakes when providing IT services. Axelos has consistently revised ITIL frameworks and rolled out ITIL-4 for organizations to manage IT-driven operations in a better way.

ITIL certification exams have several levels, requiring different skills and prerequisites. Have a look at different ITIL levels!

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master

Why Should You Consider ITIL Certification in Austin?

ITIL certification has global recognition, with certified professionals registering heavy industry demand. Do you doubt your decision to get ITIL certified in Austin? Here are the reasons to concrete your belief.

  • ITIL certified professionals enjoy higher pay in Austin. An ITIL Foundation certified earns an average of around $87,065.
  • You can become more valuable in an organization and industry.
  • You can generate sweeter IT service delivery within your organization after mastering ITIL frameworks.

What are the Prerequisites to Become ITIL Certified in Austin?

We all know that certification exams associate some prerequisites. Similarly, ITIL certifications expect you to fulfill the given requirements before taking the exam. Based on the certification level, the certifications have different needs. You need to know the prerequisites before scheduling an ITIL exam. Below are the eligibility criteria to become ITIL certified in Austin.

ITIL Foundation

Being a beginner-level certification, the ITIL Foundation has no specific requirements. It’s aimed at people who wish to get started with ITIL frameworks.

ITIL Practitioner

The next checkpoint in your ITIL journey is the practitioner exam. You must pass the Foundation exam as a prerequisite to the practitioner certification.

ITIL Intermediate


The prerequisites are as follows:

  • You must have two credits from the ITIL Foundation exam.
  • Also, you should have 21-30 contact hours of accredited training instructions about the syllabus.
  • A 2-years of ITSM experience is mandatory for the ITIL Intermediate certification exams.

ITIL Expert

Being a higher-level certification exam, ITIL Expert has rigorous prerequisites that you must know. Take a look!

  • You must bag 22 credits to become an ITIL Expert. The breakdown has 2 Foundation credits and 15 from ITIL intermediate certifications.
  • An understanding of ITIL Service Lifecycle is a must to acquire the Expert certification.

 ITIL Master

Now comes the final mile among all ITIL certifications, the ITIL Master. It has more prerequisites than any other certification exam and expects the candidates to fulfill the following eligibility.

  • You must be a certified ITIL Expert to take the Master’s exam.
  • You should possess at least five years of industry experience working as an IT manager, leader, or advisor.
  • An eligible candidate has practical experience in leveraging ITIL practices and could show adequate proof to justify their role in such implementations.

How Do You Get ITIL Certification in Austin?

The ITIL certifications are valuable and game-changing for your career. However, everything depends on your preparation and plan of action to crack the hard nut. The challenging exams require strategizing and approaching stepwise by clearing your concepts at each level.

Are you wondering about getting ITIL certifications in Austin? We’ve got your back if that’s the case. Below is everything to kickstart your ITIL certifications endeavor. Although your strategy will differ from one level to another, you can consider the below points for all certification exam preparation.

Self-Study is the Best Way

Believe it or not, self-study is the best mode if you wish to avail yourself of preparation flexibility. You need to conduct a thorough analysis of the syllabus and cover every chapter in a straightforward way. Also, you will require optimizing your time investment to crack ITIL certification exams with ease. Besides, prioritize practicing and follow legitimate tutorials to sharpen your preparations further.

Additionally, you can ensure your preparation by taking some standard ITIL mock tests. An analysis of these practice papers will highlight the weak areas and improve your trial further.

Guided Training to Gain Confidence

Many times, self-preparation might fall insufficient and require heading towards instructor-led courses. You can access several training sessions in Austin to prepare well for the ITIL certification exam and gain confidence in your knowledge. Some premium courses offer long quizzes and exercises along with industry case studies to strengthen your concepts.

Also, these modules comprise simulation exams to make you well-acquainted with the ITIL exam environment and eradicate anxiety from your mind. IT executives, IT managers, IT architects, and other experts can effortlessly access training courses to conquer all ITIL certifications.

Hopefully, you have found the answer to getting ITIL certification in Austin. Good luck! Prepare well and take the exam with the confidence to crack all certificates without any difficulties.



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