YouTube is a very popular social platform with more than 35 billion active users. It is becoming the new television of this era. Because of the high popularity of YouTube, many people have started their careers in it. You can find hundreds of videos about the same topic. Whether it be education, entertainment, or social blogs you can find YouTube videos on it. But with an increase in competition, you have to be utmost careful. It is very essential to consider several factors for higher ranking.

YouTube uses the following factors to rank the videos:

  • The quality of your video.
  • Keywords used in channel and videos.
  • The watch time of videos.
  • View count.
  • Number of subscribers.
  • The user experience metrics.
  • Thumbnails.

You have to increase the number of subscribers on your channel to increase your channel ranking. There are many ways to increase subscriber count organically.

Buy YouTube Subscribers

The very first and sure-shot way is to buy YouTube subscribers from a reliable source. You can increase the subscriber count by buying YouTube subscribers online. Many people think it is illegal to buy YouTube subscribers. But let me tell you it is totally legal if you purchase it from a reliable source. YouTube does not ban you because of buying YouTube subscribers. But you have to be sure that the subscribers you are paying for are real.

There are some websites that provide bots as subscribers. YouTube does not allow such subscribers. So, make sure that the website you are investing in is reliable.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers:

  • Increase in Subscribers Quickly: If you do not want to waste your time and need subscribers quickly. Then you must buy YouTube subscribers and notice a hike in subscribers within a month. So, it is the best way to increase subscribers count without any pain in the neck.
  • Social Media Marketing: Buying YouTube subscribers from a reliable source also do social media marketing of your channel. This will increase the awareness of your channel among the audience.
  • More Subscribers 0rganically: If you have already had a decent number of subscribers on your channel. Then others will most likely subscribe to your channel. More subscribers catch the attention of the viewers and compel them to subscribe to your channel. So, it will help you gain more subscribers organically.
  • More Views: Buying YouTube subscribers from trustworthy sources provides you active and real users. So, they will watch every video. This will increase the view count on your videos. Hence, will increase your revenue.

Keywords Research

Though buying YouTube subscribers makes a huge difference in subscribers count. But you have to pay attention to your videos. YouTube’s algorithm ranking factors include keywords, channel description, video titles, etc. So, make sure that the keywords and description are up to the mark. It should be according to what people search for to visit such videos. Do proper research about the keywords related to the video and topic. You can look for the YouTube auto-suggest list. It gives a good insight into what people usually search for. It is advisable to use another analytical platform like Google keyword planner.

You should also go through the competitor’s video channel that tops the search result. This will give you an idea about the keywords that you should use.

Optimize Your Videos

You should optimize your videos before and even after uploading them. Optimization helps a lot to increase organic subscribers and views. Before uploading it make sure that you are shooting the video in high quality. Also, use premium editing tools. Ensure that you use a primary keyword to name your upload file.

After uploading the video you must take care of the following major points:

  • Use a nice and clear title for the video with at least 2 keywords.
  • The title should not exceed 70 characters.
  • Write a proper video description. Make sure that you use high volume and low competition keywords in the description.
  • The length of the video description should be between 100-200 words. Also, use the primary keyword throughout the description.
  • Try to include relevant and on-topic video tags.

Complete the About Section

Your YouTube profile section can be used to market your channel. You can implement keywords related to your channel. It is advisable to fill it as much as possible. Try to include social profile links and website links, if any. Also, utilize the keywords meta tags to describe your channel. This option can be found under “Advanced” in channel settings. The channels that provide proper and complete information stand out and have a higher ranking.

Upload Periodically

If you want to gain more traffic to your channel and gain organic subscribers. Then make sure that you have a proper schedule to upload your videos. With the consistent upload of videos, YouTube recognizes it as the active channel. So, post your videos at least once or twice a week. Also, make sure that the posting is done when there are more active users.

Engage Your Viewers

Increase the watch time of your videos. Make sure that the viewers watch at least 80-90% of the video. This will increase your ranking which in turn will let you gain more subscribers organically. So, find unique ways to engage the viewers to watch till the end.

Other ways to gain more subscribers organically:

  • Ask the viewers to subscribe.
  • You can add end screens and cards to give a direct view of other related videos.
  • Make playlists and organize the videos accordingly.
  • Post quizzes frequently on YouTube.
  • Never stop optimizing the videos and description.
  • Use attractive and engaging thumbnails. You can also create your own creative thumbnail. So, you can include keywords related to the video.
  • Turn long videos into multiple short ones.
  • Respond to the viewer’s comments.
  • Ask about what viewers want to be in the next video.

Collaborate with other YouTubers who have a decent number of subscribers and views.



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