The decision to order professional online help in the sphere of healthcare resume writing is smart and justifiable. It saves your time and boosts chances to get a job you have been dreaming about. The only thing is you need to find a reliable company in the wide variety of Internet agencies. In this post, we will tell you how to define trustworthy healthcare resume writers – Accuro Resumes, for instance, has a good reputation due to high-quality services and meeting deadlines. Yet these points are not the only criteria to be considered.

How to choose the best healthcare resume writers?

If it is your first experience of using a healthcare resume writing service, you definitely need some recommendations on selecting a good one. The thing is most companies invest in advertising and write about “affordable prices,” “the best results,” “top positions in UK or US ratings,” etc. Your task is to figure out what the truth is.

  • Consider real experiences of using online writing services. 

Ask your friends if they ever worked with healthcare resume writers. People tend to hide the experience of using online writing services. The fact that someone decided to purchase a ready-made CV or a cover letter can be negatively perceived in modern society, and it is rarely revealed. Yet if you discuss this issue with your close people, you can get unexpected replies.

  • Visit a website.

Every company providing online services must have a good modern website, as it is the main platform for cooperation and attracting new clients. A resume writing agency is not an IT corporation or a digital agency, so do not expect a 3D animation or any special effects in the design of its site. In fact, they do not matter for such enterprises; still, there are some points you have to analyze.

Signs of a reliable resume writing company

✓ Respect for intellectual property

Check the copyright symbol in the footer of the page. The current year must be mentioned near it. It means that the company uses only their own original content for the website. If they follow this principle, they are likely to create unique resumes for you too.

✓ Clear, well-structured, and informative content

It implies that you can easily find information on the services you need. The data about the terms of use and privacy policy must be open. Pay attention to the navigation of the website. It has to be logical and convenient for the user.

Look through the content on the web page. Obviously, a well-considered text demonstrates a serious approach to resume writing services.

Do not trust resources with dubious texts, a big number of grammar mistakes and outdated design. If these companies cannot create high-quality content for their own websites, they might lack writing skills to come up with a resume for you.

✓ Specialization in resumes for the healthcare industry

Companies providing resume writing for healthcare professionals devote a special section of the website to this service. It may include samples of resumes for job seekers, principles of composing documents for medical employees, writers’ qualifications and achievements, etc. A lack of information on this type of service might signal incompetence and the inability to create a custom resume in the healthcare field.


✓ The process of communication

Pay attention to the online chat. It is good if you can get an expert consultation at any time. This variant of communication is considered the best one for resume writing agencies. Indeed, messages are convenient forms to discuss the order; the same cannot be said about phone calls.

As a rule, a ready-made resume is sent to your email box. Be careful with unusual schemes of cooperation. Do not tell your private data concerning passwords, credit card numbers, the amount of money you have, etc.

Importantly, the communication should not boil down to the dialogue with a chatbot. Artificial intelligence can be used to greet you; still, the main conversation must be between real people.

Reputable resume writing companies hire good support managers. These specialists are well-versed in the services the agency provides. They must give detailed answers to your questions and explain all the nuances of cooperation. A friendly and polite tone is a good sign of a reliable website.

  • Ask questions on the possible cooperation.

It is normal to clarify the details of your order before you hire someone. Type your questions in the live chat or send an email.

  • Is the writer, who composes a resume for me, a certified specialist?
  • Will my private information be disclosed?
  • How much does it cost to buy a ready-made resume?

(A free service sounds suspicious, the same can be said about a too cheap cost.)

  • Are the resumes written in accordance with job descriptions?
  • Do you make any other documents for job applications except resumes (LinkedIn profile, a cover letter, etc.)?
  • Do you specialize in the medical sphere? Are there any proofs?

Legal companies have nothing to hide, so they give clear answers to all the above questions. Your ideal resume writing service must meet the following requirements:

  • a solid company with a good reputation;
  • average prices for your budget;
  • expertness in your professional healthcare field;
  • constant online support;
  • ability to compose a resume in accordance with your preferences;
  • awareness of applicant tracking systems algorithms.

If you doubt any of the above points, ask additional questions to the representatives of the company.

Order a short document to test the opportunities of the company

Some writing agencies agree to demonstrate samples of their work or offer to order a piece of the document. By doing so, they show the level of professionalism, and you do not have to pay much for it.

Use this chance to test the opportunities of the company. If you do not like the quality of the text, the manner of communication, or the terms of cooperation, do not order the whole resume on this website. A serious agency takes even small orders with the utmost attention. As a result, you have a good aftertaste after this cooperation, and it is the reason to become their loyal client.

If you have decided to invest in your healthcare career with a resume written by professionals, find true experts. Otherwise, what is the point of paying money for a mediocre result?

A good reputation, an adequate website, fast feedback from the support agents, and transparent terms of cooperation are indications of a solid company. Choose online resume writers wisely, as it is a matter of your future career.



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