When you start looking for free essay writers on the internet, you will find yourself in a deep, wide ocean of available options. This will add to your already confused soul thinking how do I pick the best option for myself.

We understand that the description you will read about these service websites will be very similar hence the confusion. This is why we have decided to give you little tips and tricks and things to look for when you intend to hire a writer for free essay for yourself.

Behold for what we are going to reveal is quite unique and never been told before. You can thank us later!

Look Carefully at the Website Layout

Okay so first things first, one of the major things you should check to examine a website’s authenticity and credibility is its official website. For a genuine and quality website, there has to be a number of pages with all the necessary information provided from About Us to Contact Us.

Understandably, it seems weird to even say this but trust us, if a website has an immature and childish kind of a layout, this is an alarming sign for you. Because no professionals want to give this kind of an impression to its potential consumers.

Compare & Contrast the List of Free Essays

The second most important thing to do now is to check how many free essays this website offers. If it is lower than 20k, it isn’t worth it. Since people in this business are aware of the cut throat competition in the market, offering 20k means they are not serious about their job.

Now the next step is to see how many subjects they offer free essays for and which one has the highest number. For instance, social sciences and arts & humanities are the two areas that ought to have the highest number of free essays. The final thing is to compare and contrast this information with other similar websites to evaluate which one is the best.

Do They Require Tricky Payment Information?

A lot of times, these so-called free essay websites trick their customers into eliciting their payment information, credit cards or PayPal details, pretending like it’s harmless to do so. And they project their intention as it is if you order something paid.

But trust us when we say it, any website that demands your payment or personal information for using its free essays is basically a fraud. It will misuse your information to steal your money to a level you will have to call your credit card company to block it.

The Overall Quality of Essays

Now last but not the least, the overall quality of the essays matters because why would you want to get a bad quality essay which will get you a C grade? Just because you are looking for a free essay does not mean it should have a bare minimum standard.



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