Horse racing is an exciting sport where the recipe combines adrenaline, passion, history, tradition, excitement, and of course betting. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that even A-list celebrities enjoy horse racing just as much as regular people.

In fact, they also take their horse racing game very seriously, especially for big horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby. After all, the Kentucky Derby is more of a red carpet to them, which is something that they are used to.

Some of them have a special love for horses and have created a bond since childhood, while others are just casual fans of the sport.

You’ll be surprised to find out that celebrity film stars also love to place bets on horse racing! And why wouldn’t they? – After all, it is an exciting event where everyone wants to make money no matter how rich you are.

Sometimes you can even see some celebrities on TV before big events giving free horse racing picks from their own opinion or gut feelings.

Let’s see if your favorite celebrities make it on this list, and to be honest, you’ll be surprised by some of the big names that appreciate the sport.

Films Stars That Love Horse Racing

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, best known for her appearances in The Hunger Games, The Lego Movie, Modern Family, and the 40-year-old Virgin, has a betting strategy. On the one hand, she selects a horse that is likely to win.

On the other hand, she pairs it with another breed that has a low chance of success. Elizabeth then enters the two horses into an exacta with reasonable odds. It would be interesting to see how much money the actress has gained from her bets. However, one thing is certain. Her strategy is quite clever.

James Marsden

James Marsden has appeared in as many films as there have been horse races. He is not a jockey, but he enjoys watching races and occasionally betting on them.

He’s been seen at the Breeders Cup and the Kentucky Derby, and he’s not afraid to make a prediction on the red carpet.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, well known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men films, is an avid horse racing lover. Coming from Australia, it’s easy to understand why. After all, horse racing is fairly popular in this area. The Australian actor has been sighted attending big racing events such as the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Whether it’s the excitement of the races, the social scene, or Jackman’s inherent passion for horses, Jackman’s presence lends star power to the world of equine excitement.

Johnny Depp

Depp has always had a passion for horses. In fact, in 1985, he purchased his mother a horse property in Kentucky. Later, in the 2013 film The Lone Ranger, Johnny developed a strong bond with his horse co-star.

In the film, the horse, Goldeneye, was dubbed Gunpowder. Johnny became so close to the horse that Depp adopted Goldeneye after the filming was completed.


Johnny Depp is apparently finding horseback riding “surprisingly difficult” while filming “The Lone Ranger.” With that said, he still loves horses very much. He even purchased Amber Heard a horse and is likely to demand it back after the divorce.

Bo Derek

In the 1980s, she appeared in 10 (1979), Tarzan, and Fantasies. Before becoming a horse owner and campaigner, she dabbled in modeling. The former Golden Globe contender now spends most of her time among horses.

Derek is mostly involved with thoroughbred clubs, where she works to improve horse care. And, like Flay, the 67-year-old occasionally wagers on horses. She confesses, however, that she usually supports breeds linked with people she knows.

Of course, she realizes her method isn’t the most effective way to win. And she’s not into betting for money in the first place. But if you are, here are some terrific recommendations for the top horse racing betting sites and techniques to apply.  You’ll get the most bang for your buck this way.

Jeremy Irons

The Oscar winner has been a “keen rider” since he was a youngster. The 75-year-old British actor also contributed the preface to the book England on Horseback, saying, “Make your way into the open air… Keep an eye out for the movement of cloud shadows across the face of our planet. And maybe, just maybe, serenity may find its way into your soul. Best of all, if possible, go horseback riding. Being at one with an animal might be the first step toward being at one with everything.”

Carson Kressley

Okay, Carson Kressley isn’t a movie actor, but he is a well-known television personality, so we decided to include him on our list. Carson Kressley is most recognized for his work on Queer Eye, Dancing with the Stars, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. People who like horseback riding and racing, on the other hand, recognize him as a reputable horse show exhibitor.

Kressley, like Bo Derek, isn’t the most successful horse racing bettor even though he attends most of the big races in the United States. In reality, he claims to have attempted several tactics but has never been successful. Finally, he decided to limit himself to one wager every tournament: the race winner.



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