Expressing your feelings to your loved ones on a special occasion requires extra effort. Most of us are well aware of the need to make unique gestures to remind the ones that we cherish, of their importance in our lives. We try our best to do just that on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and so on.

Usually, these grand gestures of love and affection come with a gift or a greeting card. However, we are always trying to outdo ourselves, every time, when gifting a loved one a special birthday, anniversary or festive present.

At times, picking out the right gift or getting that greeting card that expresses your true feelings can be tricky. Fortunately, Bollywish makes it possible to surprise and delight your loved ones, with a truly special celebrity shoutout.

A Celebrity Wish Come True 

Everyone has that idol that they look up to, be it an athlete, a movie star, a singer, or even a television personality.

Now imagine the joy and thrill your loved ones are guaranteed when they receive a personalized birthday or anniversary wish, or a festive greeting, from their favourite celebrity, on your behalf.

This grand gesture is sure to make a great day greater, and Bollywish is the digital platform to turn to for personalized celebrity shoutouts that are sure to delight the ones that you love and cherish.

It could be a sibling, parents, spouses, a friend, or even a son or a daughter, Bollywish boasts of an extensive portfolio of celebrities, each ready to record a personalized wish, greeting, or shoutout for those in your life who deserve a surprise; so grand, and so unique.

Your Favorite Celebrities on One Platform 

When wish to convey a special greeting, congratulations, or a heartfelt festive wish, Bollywish gives you access to your favourite celebrities to do just that, on your behalf.

It’s worth noting that the Bollywish digital platform is your way to reach out to a wide range of celebrities from the world of cinema, sports, and television to say what you wish to, to the people that occupy a cherished in your life and your heart. This is the essence of a Bollywish celebrity shoutout.

How Bollywish Works?

It’s not rocket science, and it’s not as complicated as getting a celebrity autograph or selfie. For a reasonable fee, Bollywish gives you access to a celebrity, ready to record a personalized message to anyone on your behalf.

Bollywish celebrity shoutouts are like nothing you’ve ever done before. So, if you wish to ensure a festive occasion surprise that the one you love will not forget easily, gift them a personalized message or greeting conveyed on your behalf, by the country’s leading celebs. It truly doesn’t get any better than this.

Money Well Spent 

A standard birthday or anniversary gift can cost anything from 1000 to 5000 INR. Bollywish presents a unique gifting idea at pretty much the same cost. Spend 1000 to 5000 INR, and get a celebrity to record a birthday, anniversary or festive greeting for your loved ones on your behalf. This is the gift that keeps on giving; Bollywish celebrity shoutouts will change the way you convey your best regards to the ones you cherish.



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