Spring weather is variable, best case scenario. There are some radiant and gentle days, yet for the most part things don’t heat up till May or June. It can snow in March, and unending precipitation and dark skies are ensured. In fact, Spring is colder than Autumn. What’s more, since the wet virus is more terrible than the dry cold, it feels crisp around here for a long, long time. This can discourage your Spring style.

The trick is to remain warm and covered in lighter, shinier and brighter colours, and crisper fabrications. Here are my favourite ways of achieving a toasty Spring look:

Ways to Wear Dresses in Spring and Stay Warm

#1. Lighten Neutrals

#2. Wear White Jeans

#3. Add Spring Scarves

#4. Layer Under Crisp Blouses

#5. Wear Nude for You Hosiery

I wear nude hose under Spring dresses and flared skirts with light-coloured booties or loafers Sometimes I layer nude hose under nude fishnets. I also wear nude knee-highs under cropped pants and jeans with sneakers, loafers, pumps and booties to give the illusion that my ankles are bare, but are secretly warmly insulated.


Turns out that I follow most of those style strategies in Winter, and not just in Spring because i really like Spring fashion. Over to you. does one have cold and dismal weather within the Spring? How does one transition your check out Spring without freezing your buns off?



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