The onboarding process can be a daunting task for new hires. From filling out endless paperwork to learning new procedures, the experience can be overwhelming — especially when trying to remember everyone’s name in the office. But what if I told you there was a way to elevate this process and make it more enjoyable? Enter innovative software.

The Potential of Innovative Software

As technology continues to advance, so do our capabilities of streamlining processes. One area that has greatly improved is the onboarding experience through the use of an onboarding platform. This software allows companies to provide a more interactive and organized approach to welcoming new hires. An online training program with interactive activities, videos, and quizzes makes learning about the company much easier. This type of engaging software helps people retain information better as well as keeps them interested throughout the process.

Organizing Paperwork

Another aspect that makes onboarding less enjoyable is filling out multiple forms–everything from employee contracts, various forms, policies & agreements — the list goes on! With e-forms embedded into an onboarding platform, you no longer need the file drawer full of documents; it’s now all in one place online.

Connection with Coworkers

When starting a new job, everyone wants work friends they can rely on during their time at work (let us face it, we spend quite a lot of time there at work). But it’s tough to build rapport right away when everyone is a stranger and working in different departments. An onboarding platform like BambooHR Further will allow new hires to connect with their coworkers and learn about the company culture ahead of time.

Onboarding software like Bamboo HR makes it possible for fresh employees to go through video introductions of the team they’ll be working with — what a great icebreaker – enabling them to at least put names with faces ahead of the first day. You can also get on the feed and get an insight into who you work with; you may find that there are some mutual interests shared among your colleagues.

Elevate Engagement

When planning on running multifaceted educational courses online, you can use the Typeform software that helps professionals create interactive experiences for their audience. Type form helps compile many types of content in one table without having separate programs! It features many integrations alongside its initial offerings – examples include:

  • – Google Sheets
  • – Slack
  • – Zapier

Typeform is widely regarded as one of the best tools out there for conducting surveys. It provides an almost Reddit-style answering mechanism that holds most people’s attention much better than traditional long forms on other platforms.

Encourages Feedback

Feedback is essential in any company if growth is something to be realized over time. Employees need feedback about how they are doing from their supervisors as well as opportunities for giving feedback upwards. Onboarding platforms collaborate tirelessly with HR teams since feedback processing can quickly become overwhelming using old-school methods such as suggestion boxes!

An automated system ensures quick responses, improving data analysis while allowing management room to stay updated frequently. A prime example would be leveraging Workday’s performance management software integration. It can mesh notifications from employee goals onto actual development plans while providing capability analytics-based reviews regardless of job title or level involved within an organization-wide change initiative, all through seamless integration via Workday.


An onboarding process can make or break any new hire’s experience at a company. With innovative software, we can now provide them with a welcoming and inclusive experience that makes them feel like they are a part of the team before they even start their first day. The benefits are endless, from organizing paperwork to building connections amongst new colleagues.

Remember to have fun with your work friends while using HR tech since this will reduce turnover rates and help both employees (as well as employers) meet every challenge besides retaining that competitive edge.



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