In regions prone to snowfall, crops are cultivated in transparent compounds built with glass. Sunrays can enter but cannot be reflected out. Instead, they get reflected back inside as they strike against the inner surface of the glass walls. This is done to increase the temperature inside for the crops to be protected from the cold outside. These compounds are called greenhouses.

When there is too much carbon emission, the gases form an invisible coating around the earth like a greenhouse. Sunrays are able to penetrate the gaseous coating and reach the earth’s surface but they cannot be reflected back. They strike against the inner surface of the gaseous coating and bounce back towards the earth. So, the world keeps getting hotter. This is the greenhouse effect which is causing climate change.

How is Climate Change Impacting the World?

Impact on Travel & Tourism

From the year of 2000 onwards, the average temperature of the Arctic has increased twice as much as it has in the rest of the world. However, tourism trends suggest that this is not really bad news for the tourism industry because it is making the North Pole more accessible. If you need information on tourism’s impact on climate change, there are ways to do it.

Take the help of experts for writing essays on climate change as it will save time on research and writing. Then, you will not even have to use a book for the essay. You can learn interesting facts like how the Arctic has become 4 times more accessible to tourists during Summer and 6 times more accessible during Winter. Surprisingly, this happened in the Arctic over a span of just 10 years.

Like the North Pole, climate change is going to make places like Siberia and Alaska more open for affordable tourism. Even if you are a student at a college or some university, you can visit these places with just your pocket money. Nevertheless, we should remember that climate change is a ticking time bomb.

By 2050, scientists predict that popular tourist destinations like Hawaii, Maldives and Bahamas will drown underwater. The global sea level will rise by 25 centimetres. Commercial hubs like London, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Mumbai and many others will become submerged. In fact, Central Africa will become practically uninhabitable.

Impact on Immigration

A lot of people believe that there is no relation between climate change and immigration. However, there are many instances where immigration ended up being caused by climate change. A classic example is Iraq. Most people feel that Iraqi migration is caused by the threat to life in the region due to terrorism. It is true but not entirely. A chunk of the immigrants from Iraq left their homeland not only for safety but also for employment.

The agricultural sector of the country accounts for at least 20% of Iraq’s employment. The 2 rivers, viz., Tigris and Euphrates are the backbone of Iraq’s agriculture since they act as a lucrative means of irrigation. However, since 1975, their water level has decreased by almost 80%. This is hampering agricultural production a lot.

Since production is on the decline, sales are on a decline as well. Again, as sales decline, so do profits. How can a business preserve profits when there is low income? It has to decrease spending. In every business, a big chunk of expenditure is incurred for paying wages. That is why, workers in the agricultural sector of Iraq are being laid off. Hence, these people are looking for better opportunities of employment.

The industrial sector is usually perceived as being more stable than the agricultural sector and the West is known for being an industrial powerhouse. More and more Iraqis are migrating to first-world countries in the West. USA has the largest number of Iraqi immigrants in the world with more than a million. They are mainly based in Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Phoenix and San Diego. Just like Iraq is facing problems due to the drying up of Tigris and Euphrates, Egypt is also facing problems due to the drying up of Nile.


Little things like keeping the lights switched off while you are out of the room and cycling to places nearby instead of driving can go a long way. Climate change is an impending disaster. We must do everything possible to reduce the release of greenhouse gases like Carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere.



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