Plenty of servers are there if you are tired of playing official clash of clans and you want to try private servers, but out of all private server, the top private server is Clash of paradise in which you can build your town according to your will. You can improve and update your army within minutes. You will also get unlimited gems, gold and other resources in this private server.

Why Should You Use Clash of Paradise?

I can write plenty of reasons why you should use the Clash of paradise 2020 private server, but I would like to mention the salient features of this server.

Safe and Secure

First and foremost, reason that why you should play on this private server is its safety and security. Apart from enjoying, you must see that Are you getting these benefits without compromising on security or not? And gladly. The developers of this server haven’t taken its security lightly. You would not be get banned after using this server. Moreover, It is almost impossible for anyone to hack this private server.

Unlimited Resources

You must have seen that how much difficult it is to get the gems and gold in the official clash of clans, but here you will get unlimited gems and gold in a blink of an eye without spending a single penny.

Friendly Challenge and Administrator Commands

You can challenge your friends and play with each other for fun. Moreover, you will also get the numerous administrator commands that you can use while playing the game. Some of the administrator commands are /easy, /suicidal, / update, / id, /cut etc.

Start from Level 12

Here, you can start from level 10 right away after installing the server. You can build an army that would be nearly impossible to defeat for the enemies. In addition, you also have the luxury to train your soldiers and troops.

However, you must keep two things in mind that your opponent has the same benefits which you have on this private server. No one has any specific advantage over others but other and you will get the unique features which you will not see in the official game. Similarly, you need to stop thinking about the global leaderboard and going up on it because you are not playing the official game, if they come across and they see you cheating, they would ban you.

Clash of Paradise Features

  • Clash Paradise free download can be played both on iOs and Android phones.
  • Incredible support service of 24 hours.
  • You can play and use Town hall 12 right after installing the Clash of Paradise apk.
  • You can originate and come up with unique strategies to knock out your opponent.
  • Clash of Paradise can be played both on Townhall mod and builder base.
  • No lagging issues in this private server.

Requirements to play Clash of Paradise

  • You must have ample space of 116 MB in your smart phone.
  • 1GB Ram at least.
  • Decent internet connection which can download the apk file and you can play on the server without any issue.
  • Android version of 4.0.4 at least must be on your mobile phone.


Q1: What is Clash of paradise?

Ans: Clash of Paradise free download is a private server of official Clash of Clans. You will get unlimited resources here. The benefits you will receive here you will not get in the official game. You can play against your friends, and you can also join the Clan here. You can start playing from Townhall 12 without any effort.

Q2: What is the price of a wall of level 12 in official clash of clans?

Ans: If you want to use the level 12 walls, so you need to spend either 1,200,000,000 elixirs or gold.

Q3: Is the Root essential in this private server or not?

Ans: Root is not required in this server. Just download the Clash of paradise apk and start playing on this server.


Closing Thoughts

After reading this article, I must say that out of all Clash of clans private servers. Clash of Paradise is the best option as you can get unlimited resources, you can play with your friends, you can train you army without any delay, and you don’t need to root your device. So this is the only server where you will get all these things so Download the Clash of Paradise apk without wasting a single minute.



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