The puppy should get used to the collar from the very first months. A dog in adulthood hardly accepts wearing this accessory, and, in most cases, this is expressed by aggression. Many owners, whose pets are kept in a round-the-clock open-air cage, deliberately don’t take the time to train the puppy to the collar. But using gear such as a collar, harness, and leash — it’s very important to provide discipline and safety. Your advisor and reliable provider of dog supplies.

How to Buy Dog Collars Online?

A high-quality and reliable collar is a guarantee of the dog’s safety. But how not to be mistaken with the choice? In this article, we will give you maximum recommendations in choosing a collar for your doggy. You shouldn’t economize on buying a collar if you have a large, very energetic, aggressive dog, or a little puppy.

Firstly, we don’t recommend buying a collar with a lot of decorative elements (spikes, rivets, rhinestones). While playing, such a collar can harm  other dogs and you personally. Unfortunately, dogs can damage their teeth, gums, and paws. Moreover, worst of all, if your dog swallows some part, it can lead to negative consequences. For the same reason, you should not let your pet play with a dog that is in such a collar or chain.

Secondly, buying a collar pays attention to the availability of an ID tag. Nowadays, a large choice of ID tags is presented at the stores. Plenty of materials, designs, forms of realizations. For those who don’t know about ID tags, it’s the form of identification of your doggy. You can engrave the owner’s phone number and the dog’s name.

Thirdly, It is very important that the collar is not too tight, and does not interfere with the respiratory process of the pet. Buying a collar, carefully measure your dog and find the most appropriate size at the size guide. Measure from the top of the dog’s chest, fully around its neck. Leave it loose enough so that you can easily fit 2 fingers underneath it.

Why Should You Buy Waudog Collars?

We specialize in innovations and produce only high-quality products. It is very profitable to buy accessories for dogs online because we make an ALL IN system for our beloved clients.


  • We have a large choice of materials: recycled cotton, nylon, Collartex (innovation by Waudog), leather.
  • Unique patterns (NASA, Summer, Avocado, Red Plaid, WOW).
  • Waterproof collection – repels dirt and water.
  • All of our collars and harnesses are equipped with free ID tags. The ID tag is made of lightweight material – plastic and has a circular shape. By scanning the QR code, you are transferred to the mobile application. The application is multifunctional, here you can save your pet’s passport, veterinary documents, set vaccination reminders, and receive cashback from purchases, etc. In case your pet is lost: as soon as the person who found the dog scans the QR code, you will immediately receive a notification with the dog’s location.
  • We provide a lifetime warranty for our hardware.
  • Buy dog harness online and match it with the same style collar and leash.
  • Free delivery for orders over $50.

We treat each of our clients with love and try to provide the best quality. Welcome to Waudog, a paradise for fluffy clients.



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