Nowadays, COVID-19 is a significant issue in many countries of Europe and Asia. This is becoming a severe issue for all types of daily life activities. Due to COVID-19, many daily routines have been restricted. It has become a challenge to perform many activities while staying at home. It is also difficult to maintain health due to limited fitness facilities.

Exercise keeps us physically fit and mentally fresh. It gives us relaxation from depression, stress, and anxiety. It also helps us to avoid many cardiac diseases as high blood pressure and diabetes.

As many people are out of work due to this pandemic virus, and they are struggling financially. So in this situation, it is not easy for them to join a gym or special classes of exercises at home to keep them fit.

There are some exercises that a person can do at home to keep him physically fit and fresh.


Yoga is the best exercise that relaxes us from all types of anxiety and physical tension. The slow movements of yoga make us fresh and keep away all anxieties. You can carry this exercise at home easily. Over thousands of years, people are practicing this exercise to keep themselves relax. Yoga keeps our muscles balanced and flexible.

Poses of Yoga are its main building blocks. Some simple and easy steps of yoga are following:

  • Sit on yoga-mate cross-legged and keep your hands on your knees and palms up. Keep calm and inhale a fresh, long breathe.
  • Bring your arms upon your head and inhale a fresh breath.
  • Fold your legs in forwarding, bending, and exhale. Then bend your legs gently and let your head hang heavily.

Rope Jumping

Jumping rope is the best calories-burning exercise. If you jump rope 15 minutes daily, you burn 200 to 300 calories a day. It is more than jogging and running. Rope jumping is a thermo-genic exercise that produces heat in your body.

It’s an entire body exercise that you can take at home. It makes our upper and lower bodies strong and burns more calories. Rope jumping keeps us fit and improves our heart health. It reduces the chances of injury and heart diseases.

Michaels suggests the following integrations for rope jumping.

  • Jump rope for 10 minutes to get calories before any exercise.
  • It’s good to complete 3 minutes of rope jump during a round of training.
  • Jump speedily for 60 seconds between push up and sit-ups exercises.

Increase Your Walking Time

Walking is a low-impact exercise that does not need any equipment and can be performed at any time and in your home. Walking is the best activity for those who want to lose weight and cannot do any other exercise for a long time.

Walking enhances the fitness of cardiovascular muscles and lungs also. It reduces the chances of many diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joints, muscle pain, and diabetes.

There are some suggestions to walk daily for good fitness and physical health.

  • Walk at least for 30 minutes daily.
  • Take stairs instead of lift on your way.
  • If it is possible to walk to the local markets instead of drive.
  • Increase your walking speed slowly by quick walking.


Plank is a simple and best exercise that you can do at home easily. The steps of planks are also easy to carry. Plank is a simple exercise that makes our whole body more robust and stabilizes our skeletal muscles. People find it easy to carry because of its easy steps, and that’s why it a favorite exercise for most of the guys.


.Planks make our body posture good that is a benefit of this exercise. It gets rid of the back pain. Planks arrange our back ligaments in an effective way which decreases the back pain chances.

Some simple Steps of the plank are as follows:

  • Put your elbows under your shoulders directly.
  • Straight your body line from head to heels.
  • Press your feet and, therefore, the fronts of your thighs.
  • Make grip on your abs as you are going to take a punch.


Push-ups are an easy and effective exercise that makes our chest and muscles of arm strength. The main targets of this exercise are the chest, shoulders, arms, and core. It builds up our upper body muscles and makes them strong. It makes the pectoral muscles of the chest, triceps, and biceps muscles of upper arms into motion and make them stronger.

  • Get on the floor by all four of your arms and feet and widen your shoulders slowly.
  • Bring your legs in extending form to balance your body.
  • Pull your body upward by contracting your abs and tightening your core.
  • Inhale slowly and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.
  • Now contract your chest muscles and push your back up by your hands to get a start position again.


The deadlift is best to exercise to make your body shape as legs and backside. In this exercise, you have to lift some weight from the floor to the level of your hip muscles. This exercise can be carried out through a bar or dumbbells. But you can you two equal-sized gallons of water also at home to do this exercise. It builds our muscles and makes them fit by giving them shape also.

  • Make a straight position of your shoulder and feet under the bar.
  • Bend your knees down, straight your back, and don’t spin your spine your shoulder.
  • Hold the bar from the outside line firmly.
  • Now lift the bar by pushing up your knees and legs in a normal position.

Along with the exercises, it is essential to stay away from alcohol. If you feel like giving up because you are addicted to substances, get help for substance abuse.


Exercise makes our body strong and keeps our body muscles healthy. Many people join a gym to keep themselves fit and active. But nowadays COVID-19 has disturbed all activities of life it has become a challenge for all to carry out the usual routine of life by staying at home. But it is necessary to maintain our health by doing exercise routinely. Some simple exercises can be done at home quickly, like yoga, skipping, push-ups, deadlifts, walk, and plank. This exercise can be carried easily at home by using no special equipment.



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