Shopping for a new car can be a highly exciting time, but it can be riddled with uncertainty and a myriad of questions too. Many consumers find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices that are available to them. There can be some immense variety between different cars and car manufacturers, making the experience somewhat anxiety-provoking. How do you choose what is best for you? How do you pick between a sedan, a hatchback, a sports car, an SUV or a people mover? 

In this helpful article, we’ll explain why you should make the sporty shift and choose an SUV for your next new car. So read on and sit tight because by the end of this little read, you’ll know exactly why this car model has become one of the most popular choices for consumers worldwide. 

Sports Handling With Power and Performance

SUV is an acronym for a sports utility vehicle, and these impressive vehicles really live up to the name. An SUV is a superior choice for many modern drivers because they offer the tight handling of a sports car with the performance and power of a larger car. With powerful engines, power steering, aerodynamic design, and a sleek appearance, an SUV is the perfect car for those who love driving and cannot compromise on quality.

This combination makes SUVs the perfect choice for those who need a vehicle that will perform equally in narrow and crowded city streets as it does on the open road and in the country. With an SUV, you get both without having to make a sacrifice. 

Increased Cabin Room and Storage Capacity 

Due to their larger size, SUVs offer both increased cabin space as well as impressive storage capacity. The first is essential because no one likes being cramped up the front of a car when driving. The cabin space in an SUV is big enough so that you can drive about while relaxed and comfortable. Your passengers will be happy too, as they will have an ample amount of legroom as well. 

Increased storage capacity is a perk, too, because life can get busy and crowded – and trying to squeeze everything into a smaller car can be a fairly significant inconvenience. With an SUV, you can fit virtually all that you’ll need to get through your entire day. Whether it’s heading to the grocery shop, picking the kids up from school, or ferrying bags, pieces of furniture or other things that you need to transport, an SUV makes handling all the minutiae of your day very practical and easy.

Another bonus to driving an SUV is creating even more storage capacity by installing roof racks or rails which can fit additional storage pods or even bicycles. On top of this, SUVs have decent towing capacity, so you can hitch a trailer to the vehicle and carry what you need to. This could even be a camper trailer for those weekend getaways. 

High Safety Ratings

Modern SUVs have another advantage as well, and that is high safety ratings. A safety rating ranks vehicles on how well they protect their passengers in the unlikely event of a collision. It also considers other safety features a car comes with, such as ABS braking systems, airbags and other safety features such as lane drift detection and parking cameras. 

These features are present in most new SUVs, so you can drive your new car out of the lot confident that you and your loved ones will be safe and sound on any and all journeys that you may embark on in the future.

Perfect for Road Trips

We’ve mentioned the peak performance, increased storage and high safety ratings of SUVs. These factors combined make them the perfect choice of vehicle for long road trips. You can pack what you need to without worrying about running out of room, as well as having the option to tow a trailer, drive off-road, and stay safe and secure during your trip. This makes an SUV the frontrunner for the perfect road trip car.

Affordable Options – Or Buy Used 

Now, you may think that an SUV will be out of reach due to their hefty price tags. Whilst this may be the case for some brands of cars – mainly European SUVs -, it’s not necessarily the reality for other manufacturers. For instance, South Korean makes such as Kia or Hyundai are within an affordable price range for most consumers, and perform just as well as their European counterparts whilst retaining a high safety rating.

Some lenders offer pretty decent interest rates on car finance products as well, so a new SUV may be within your reach after all. You could also shop on the used market rather than driving a new car right off the dealer’s lot. If you buy a used car from a reputable dealer, you are entitled to a warranty and could also maybe negotiate capped price servicing, which will offset the overall cost of the car as well.

An SUV Summary

Is it time to take the sporty shift and pull the trigger on an SUV? In this article, we’ve explained why this is the right choice for you – performance and power with no compromises, increased storage capacity and cabin space, and high safety ratings are all top selling points. Furthermore, an SUV is the perfect road trip car, and certain brands are more affordable than others. 


Now you’re ready for your purchase – how exciting!



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