One of the best times to buy a Tanzanite necklace, pendant, or any other item of jewelry is the summer season since this is the time when we wear light-coloured clothes, and most of our body is visible to others. On the other hand, in the winters, we are almost covered up fully with various clothing items; hence it becomes difficult to wear jewelry as nobody would see them.

According to a survey by De Beers, women in the U.S. are buying one in three diamond jewelry in the world; this shows a clear trend among women to buy diamond jewelry. But if you like to wear something unique and want to look more distinguished than others, then nothing beats Tanzanite jewelry.

Shopping for jewelry should be fun instead of just blindly following the herd, especially if you’re buying something special for yourself, right? On that note, let us see various aspects of jewelry buying.


You should not buy any jewelry items which put you in debt. By its very nature, diamond jewelry is costly, and hence you should only purchase diamond jewelry when you have sufficiently saved money. 

On the other hand buying a pendant, ring, Tanzanite earrings, or other items does not require you to break the bank. Instead, most people can buy it, and it will make you look just as good as any other gemstone.


Ask yourself do you want to go to Walmart by wearing a $1500 diamond necklace or a $300 Tanzanite necklace? You see, there is an occasion for wearing any particular jewelry. If you do not follow that rule, you will only unnecessarily block up your surplus funds into things you can’t even wear every day.

This is the beauty of Tanzanite. A Tanzanite ring, necklace, pendant, or others can be worn in most casual to semi-formal events, and you will look good too. Simply pair it with a Sterling Silver chain and an awesome Lapis Lazuli tennis bracelet, and you are good to go.

Proper Accessories: 

Buying jewelry items is one thing and highlighting the said jewelry is another thing. You must, at all times, buy appropriate jewelry accessories to highlight your primary jewelry design. For example, a Tanzanite necklace by itself does not look beautiful, but you can make it look attractive by pairing it with a pair of Sapphire earrings or a blue zircon ring, or if you like black, then some Shungite items of jewelry. 

Overall understand your fashion sense and buy matching other items of jewelry.

For example- suppose you are going to your son’s friend’s birthday party. Since it is an indoor event, you wore a sleek gown and a pearl necklace. Now pearls are white in color hence if you wear a Tanzanite earring which is blue in color, it will be a fantastic combination.

You can buy a Shungite tennis bracelet too for an even more contrasting look.

Tanzanite as a Jewelry

There is an ongoing trend among women to wear colored gemstones, but there are certain things you need to know about these colored gemstones. There are three types of gemstones, i.e. natural, synthetic and imitation. Tanzanite gemstone is a natural gemstone and hence very much rarer than other manufactured stones.

Pearls, too, are a natural gemstone and hence very valuable and rare. Strontium Titanate is a synthetic gemstone which is man-made and resembles diamonds. 


Also, remember that even natural gemstones are treated with either heat to enhance their color or are injected through colored glass or silicon. Tanzanite stones, too, are subjected to the same treatment since blue tanzanites are becoming even more rare, and violet Tanzanite stones are becoming an abundance.

Synthetic gems are not fake, but they are rather grown in a lab. Since they are not as rare as natural stones, they are generally more affordable. 

Regarding how to identify whether a particular gemstone is natural or synthetic, you can ask your jeweler directly or search for this information on their website. This is because, by law, all jewelry shops have to disclose their gemstone’s type mandatorily and whether it’s been treated or not.

Usage of synthetic glass or other materials and treated gemstones in a jewelry piece can heavily bring the cost down for that particular jewelry item.


Use the above guide to buy your next Tanzanite or other jewelry item and know when and where to wear them appropriately. Since this is now the summer season, you need to take special care and maintenance for every jewelry item.



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