The Cartier brand has always been associated with luxury. And if you’re looking for an elegant-looking watch, then you should consider getting the Cartier Santos. This watch is perfect for those with exquisite taste. It’s for people who are not willing to compromise. It’s no wonder why the Santos is one of the most popular timepieces in the world.

It is one of Cartier’s best-selling watches. When you wear the Santos on your wrist, your status will instantly be elevated. If you want to know more about this watch and what makes it very special, then this article is for you.

The Cartier Santos offers more than just good looks. It’s also a well-constructed watch that is designed to last for a long time. After all, the Cartier name is also synonymous to quality. Everything with the Cartier name on it is made of high quality materials. The case of the Santos is made of Sapphire crystal. 

If you’re not familiar with sapphire, it has a reputation for being highly scratch-resistant. The Santos, therefore, is as tough as it is beautiful. It’s perfect for active men because it can take some abuse. You can wear it in your adventures without having to worry that it will get scratched.

Speaking of adventures, you can even take the Santos when you play some water sports. This is because it’s water-resistant for up to 100 meters. It may not be the best choice for divers, but it can get wet. You can definitely swim with it without worry and you can surely take it with you on your next aquatic expedition. The problem with some luxury watches is that they are too fragile. But Santos is an exception. It’s a watch built for action. It’s perfect for the modern man, a man who knows how to work and to play hard.

Santos has an interesting history. Back in the 20th century, a Brazilian pilot named Alberto Santos-Dumont asked his friend, watchmaker Louis Cartier, to make him a timepiece that is suitable for flying. Santos complained that a pocket watch is simply not convenient to use if you’re trying to fly a plane. 

Cartier developed a flat watch with leather straps that can be wrapped around the wrist. That’s how the wristwatch was invented. Santos loved his watch so much that he wore it even when he’s not flying. Other people saw it and started to ask where they could get one. Cartier saw the opportunity and started mass producing his creation.

Through the years, several variations of the Carter Santos were created. The price of the different models also varies. Currently, it comes in 13 different variations. Santos continues to defy conventions. The rectangular watch is still thriving in a world dominated by round watches. The most popular Santos model is probably the all-steel variety. It is a sought-after watch both by serious collectors and those who care about fashion and style. It’s a true gentleman’s watch that won’t go out of style anytime soon.



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