Some people are just crazy about wrestling shows like WWE, RAW, Smackdown and a lot more. However, figuring out that how you can watch wrestling online can be a bit tricky and this is why I decided to pick the right solution for you.

These shows air in USA and hence due to different time-zones, it takes a while or some more time to air them in other countries. Amidst these confusions, you need reliable platforms to watch these shows and this is why I curated this section. It is consisted of the websites which allows you to watch your favorite wrestling shows online for absolutely free.

How to Watch Wrestling Online?

Some sites such as PeacockTV despite being the best sources for streaming live wrestling are only available in specific locations.

You could get a plane ticket and shift to those other countries permanently. However, I’ve a much cheaper ways to access any blocked website/content from anywhere.

  • Download NordVPN (it can bypass even the smartest VPN-detection algorithms and is ultra-cheap).
  • Connect to the U.S server (most sites are U.S-compatible; if not, you can switch to any other location as well)
  • What? You need more steps? You’re done! Just click on any of the links below!

How to Watch Wrestling Online for Free

If you are wondering, how to watch wrestling online for free then you need not worry about it. I could have suggested various apps through which you can watch them but eventually, you would have to opt for some kind of subscription package to watch your favorite wrestling shows on them.

But here are FIVE websites enlisted that allows you to watch wrestling online and that too for free. You can get to know about them more through the details given below.

#1. Watch Wrestling

Watch Wrestling is an online website that lets you watch Wrestling for free. It often telecasts WWE Raw and Smackdown. Users can watch live or stream Wrestling on this website. In addition to more about Watch Wrestling, users can download wrestling content with a single click. Furthermore, it often allows you to watch other shows like the podcast of wrestlers, the lifestyle of wrestlers, and interviews of wrestlers.

As for available content, it has hundreds of videos in all categories. On the right, you can find a “recent post” sidebar which grants you access to the freshest posts. It’s truly free and doesn’t demand registrations.

#2. Wrestling Live

Wrestling Live is 100% free access to WWE, RAW, UFC, Smackdown, NXT and many other wrestling events. You can use it to watch wrestling event free and live, or simply watch pre-recorded wrestling events if you please.

When watching pre-recorded events, you can even download them for free! Now, if I’m being honest, the interface sucks. It’s loaded with hidden ads and the video player doesn’t offer much control.

But hey, you’re getting 100% free access so closing a few ads is worth it, isn’t it? Now, I’ve never seen one of its servers offer me quality-control. So, it’s possible you must watch at whatever quality the video has been uploaded at.

#3. Watch Wrestling Up

Watch Wrestling Up is an online website that allows you to watch online. It lets you watch throwbacks, short recaps, and smash backs of Wrestling. Furthermore, users can also download shows to watch offline. People can often view the latest news and updates about Wrestling. In addition to more about Watch Wrestling Up, people can watch live streaming of Wrestling of all worlds.

They even provide live coverage of various WWE programs like Raw, Smackdown, PPVs and a lot more related to WWE Network. What you are going to like further about them that they have ensured to not put a single ad on their website and you can also report if you come across any.


Apart from WWE Network, you can access shows like GFW, NJPW, Indys, Lucha Underground etc. However, their list is not as versatile as the rest of the other websites mentioned here but I guess they are still adequate enough to watch other wrestling videos.

#4. ProWrestling

It’s a site that offers wrestling news as well as the ability to stream free wrestling matches. Again, the most popular events such as WWE, RAW etc. can be found at the top-bar. Each match page has about 6 different servers/sites that let you stream the content.

In most cases, you’d also find a DailyMotion link for streaming. The quality of the video depends on the server you select and is displayed along with the link. Not comfortable on a computer? Surprisingly, the site even has a native Android application! You can use that to watch wrestling free on your Android phones. Obviously, you can also simply use the website from a phone without the app.

As expected, the video player and controls will differ for each server. The page on which you play the video generally has tons of ads. Both banner and hidden on-click ads, and no registration required.

#5. Watch Wrestling 24

Watch Wrestling 24 is an online entertainment website treat offers you to watch wrestling 24 hours. It provides you to manage the latest updates on upcoming wrestling shows. Users can often view the news and rumors about wrestlers.

So, while you are struggling to watch WWE on one website and TNA on another, I have come up with such an option which can bring everything on a single platform. This is literally the kind of platform you ever wanted to use to watch wrestling online.

To make it even simpler, they have not implemented the sign-up policy on their site and every single content on this website is available for free.

To name a few categories of wrestling shows you can watch here, we have WWE, UFC, GFW, Total Divas, ROH, Boxing, NJPW and much more. If you are a big fan of WWE Network then this website brings a few advantages for you.


I don’t think you would come across any other section telling you so many amazing options to watch wrestling online. However, that is not the point at all, the point is that you get to access all of them for absolutely free and that too in good quality streaming.

However, constant ads can be a major drawback in here but I think that is quite acceptable as compared to the sky high subscriptions of live TV apps for mobiles. You can figure out about more such websites or those platforms which streams live TV for free as they also make a great source to watch your favorite wrestling shows online.



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