Downloading the best torrents consumes megabytes of information. This is a big problem for users with slow internet connections. But even with good speeds, not all file downloads are easy to find. When using torrents, there is no guarantee that the movie or file you are looking for is available and genuine. When there are no available Syds, it is impossible to download.

There is no helpdesk as such, so there is nowhere to go to verify the authenticity of a file. Another common problem is fake torrent files, which are purposely created by hackers to spread malware. You won’t have such problems if you choose the pirate bays proxy. In addition, let’s look at the most visited torrent sites without ratings and registration

The Pirate Bay

TPB continues to hold the status of “King of Torrents” and is also the oldest site on the list. Surprisingly, The Pirate Bay is currently running on its original *.org domain. Perhaps this was made possible by the abandonment of torrent files in favor of magnet links because in this form TPB is not a torrent tracker at all, but a simple directory.


According to the latest research, uTorrent retains its leadership position among tools for downloading and sharing files. The torrent client has retained its position for more than a decade. μTorrent for Android was launched almost simultaneously with BitTorrent. Both in terms of functionality and appearance, these applications are completely identical and repeat all of each other’s strengths and weaknesses (which is not surprising, considering that BitTorrent bought the developer of the μTorrent computer client at the time and subsequently moved its proprietary application to its source code).


The official torrent client from the creators of the BitTorrent protocol and related software. This program offers a simple interface with a classic side menu. Launching the client, the user will immediately encounter one of its main disadvantages – the inability to add a torrent file directly from the application. There are two ways of doing this: associating the appropriate file type with the program or using the search that transfers queries to in an external browser. The app can also handle magnet links.


Deluge is a free torrent client that has recently become very popular among torrent fans. One of the most powerful open-source BitTorrent clients with cross-platform functionality, excellent performance, security, and good features.


Transmission is just as capable as uTorrent in terms of functionality. For example, it also has a scheduler with speed limits by day of the week and by hours. There is a blacklist to block the connection of the specified hosts. You can configure the client to track certain folders for new torrent files, set encryption rules, and add/remove trackers for specific torrents.

Torrent File Status

There may be millions of torrent files and links on your website. But if the state of these torrent files is not good enough, there is no point in using them. A healthy torrent file is supported by more sitters than leeches. As a result, you will be able to download your torrent files as fast as possible. In other words, you need to go to torrent sites that are used by a large number of people. That way you can find quality torrent links.


Finally, let’s talk about advertising. A torrent site usually generates revenue through advertising. As a result, most torrent sites run hundreds of ads, making it difficult to browse the website. And most of these ads are malicious and harmful to your device. Consequently, I would recommend that you choose a torrent site with fewer ads for better user interaction.



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