Governance automation engines greatly simplify and automate the often-complicated and time-consuming task of determining and defining an acceptable risk profile for business systems, as well as ensuring ongoing compliance.

The engines can slash the time it takes to properly assess risks from weeks or months down to a matter of minutes. Today, many cloud security solutions utilize governance automation engines to ensure better security and protection for their clients.

What are Governance Engines Used on Cloud Security Platforms?

Governance automation engines are used on cloud security platforms to help organizations identify and manage the risks associated with their cloud deployments. The engines automate identifying risky behaviors and configurations and help ensure that systems remain compliant with corporate policies.

How Do Governance Automation Engines Work?

Governance automation engines work by scanning systems and identifying risky behaviors and configurations. The engines then use this information to create a risk profile for the system. The profile can then help ensure that the system remains compliant with corporate policies and standards.

What are the Benefits of Using Governance Automation Engines?

They offer multiple benefits, including:

Quick Risk Identification and Assessment

A governance automation engine can quickly identify risks in business systems by scanning data and identifying patterns that could lead to security breaches or compliance failures. The engine can then assess the severity of each risk and recommend appropriate countermeasures.

Continuous Compliance Assurance

The engine can also continually monitor business systems for changes that could impact compliance and automatically generate reports on non-compliance issues. It allows businesses to comply with regulations at all times, rather than only during periodic audits.

Improved Decision Making

The engine’s ability to quickly identify and assess risks can help business managers make better decisions about allocating resources and responding to changes in the business environment.

Thanks to the engine’s continuous monitoring, managers will be immediately informed of any changes that could impact compliance or security and take appropriate action to reduce risk and avoid penalties.

Reduced Costs and Risk

The engine helps businesses reduce costs while preserving security and compliance by ensuring only necessary changes are made while minimizing security gaps and compliance failures.

Scalability and Data Integration

The engine’s automated processes make it easy to scale up as the business grows. It also allows different parts of a system (e.g., assets, users, processing units) to be defined in different ways based on their specific characteristics. It makes the engine ideal for businesses of all sizes.

When you use cloud security solutions with integrated governance automation engines, data can be uploaded anywhere and go through automation engines within a few seconds.

Access to Current and Historical Data

The engine can analyze current and historical data stored in databases, spreadsheets, and other repositories to identify risks and determine compliance with regulations. It allows managers to make well-informed decisions about allocating scarce resources (e.g., personnel and money).


Improved System Reliability and Availability

The engine provides continuous monitoring to identify potential security breaches or operational issues before they become a problem, improving system reliability and availability while minimizing downtime. It helps business managers improve their return on investment (ROI) by ensuring the systems the business relies on are always running optimally.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

The engine’s risk-based approach to security and compliance helps businesses protect their systems and data from unauthorized access, theft, or destruction. It also helps ensure that business operations comply with industry regulations and government mandates.

When you use these engines in conjunction with cloud security solutions, you don’t have to be worried about your defenses being breached and sensitive data leaking.

Ease of Use

The engine is designed to reduce the time and effort required to meet corporate policies, standards, and regulations by providing access to broad sets of automated processes that simplify compliance management. By automating many manual tasks associated with policy enforcement (e.g., assessing the risk), the system enables managers to focus on other crucial aspects.

The engine is easy to use, with a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate. It allows businesses to quickly get up and running with the engine and benefit from its many advantages.

Knowledge Transfer

Because the engine is easy to use, it can also be a powerful tool for training new employees and other system users. Instead of relying on expensive, time-consuming group training, managers can create a task or project in the engine that employees can complete at their own pace as part of their ongoing development.

Employees become more productive and know how the business’s systems work and how to maintain compliance.

Governance automation engines offer a wide range of benefits to help businesses improve their security posture, reduce compliance risk, and increase efficiency. By automating assessing compliance, identifying risks, and managing incidents, the engine allows businesses to stay proactive about security and avoid performance penalties such as fines and lost revenue.



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