Buying a new laptop? There is always so much excitement when you are buying a new laptop. You being a tech geek, are also excited about its specifications and features, you would want to know how user-friendly it is, how is the UI/UX and other stuff!

Just remember, the laptop you buy is your own, it’s a long-term responsibility.

The thing with laptops is, there is always new technology, new generation processors, new graphic cards and other new specs that keep releasing in the market. Once you buy a new laptop there is no looking back at all these new releases, and with such range of new products available in the market, it’s a tough challenge to choose one that suits your working needs.

While on the other hand, laptop on rent gives you a bouquet of benefits like cost effectiveness, tech upgrades, options to choose from, easy payment options and many more.

Here are a few things that may shift your stance from buying a laptop to ‘laptop on hire’ –

If Technology Advancements Interest You-

It’s the most disheartening thing with technology, it keeps getting upgraded and you keep regretting not waiting for the newer one, that’s human psychology. There are always new products that keep getting launched in the market, newer systems, faster processors, increased RAM and clock speed, better quality resolutions and much more. When you buy a new laptop you are pushing yourself into a long-term relationship. By the end of the year, there are at least

10 better products that are available in the market at almost the same cost. While your 1 year old laptop will start slowing down a bit, these new-age products will run like a hare. When you rent a laptop, you have the ultimate option of switching it as per your increasing needs. Use whichever you like, change it if you don’t like it anymore!

Is there Anything Better than Saving Money-

When you buy a new laptop, you invest anywhere between 35-70k or even more, as per your configuration requirements. It’s a costly ask and there are always questions in your mind whether you have made the right choice or no.

Whereas, laptop on rent will always hold the upper hand because of factors like convenience, practicality, choice-making and most importantly cost-effectiveness. Laptop on lease gives you the choice of easy payment options. Rental Monthly Installment (RMI) is certainly going to cost less than EMI and you can close the subscription whenever you feel like. These rental arrangements are easy on wallet and dont require big amounts to be spent. Upgrading to a better or higher-version product is also not difficult to manage. You can rent a laptop and change it whenever you want. No money gone!

Bouquet of Options to Choose From-

Some of us trust our brands too blindly. Same is our case with laptops. And not only brands, our processors, user-friendliness and several other factors play a major role in laptop usage. Once you buy a laptop, you know you are going to keep it for a minimum of 5 years. A common man cannot afford to switch between laptops every year or two.

When you rent a laptop, you have the ultimate option of choice-making. Whether you want to hire a mac or a dell, that’s up to you. You also have the choice of taking a laptop on hire for a day, week, month and year. Change it if you don’t want it! Remember, you can’t do this if you BUY a laptop.


We hope ‘laptop on rent’ sounds like a good idea to you! So choose wisely, and make the right choice. Enjoy a laptop on lease!



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