Work from home has become the legacy of COVID-19. Employees have found that remote work’s flexibility has allowed them to become more productive. A survey finds that at least 80% of the U.S employees expect to work remotely for at least three days a week. That said, remote work is here to stay. It won’t be a bad idea to equip your workstation with better gadgets to boost productivity.

Tech Gadgets That Make Remote Work Easy

# 1. Reliable Wi-Fi

As per a 2020 survey by Buffer, 80% of the respondents said they worked from their homes.

That said, remote work goes hand-in-hand with a strong, reliable internet and good bandwidth. A reliable Wi-Fi system has become a must-have for work from home employees. For uninterrupted video conferences and countless virtual meetings, you’d need a reliable internet connection.  A whole Wi-Fi system that offers you full coverage is necessary. 

Amazon eero Pro mesh is a good choice for those looking for a robust Wi-Fi system. The gadget is compatible with Alexa as well.

# 2. Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice

Although lumbar support chairs help you maintain healthy posture, it still does not help your arms and wrists. Repetitive stress on the wrists could lead to persistent injuries and aches.

A 2020 survey found that 46% of the respondents preferred to use wifi keyboards for work. Ergonomic keyboards and mice add to flexibility. What’s more is that these gadgets help you to perform better as they limit the stress on your wrists.

# 3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones have become crucial for work from home employees. Studies reveal that 16% of US work from home employees are easily distracted. If you work among others or your workstation is surrounded by noise, investing in a sturdy pair of noise-canceling headphones would help you power through your distractions. 

There are two types of noise cancelling in headphones; passive and active. Active ones rely on technology to cancel out signals while passive ones rely on the structure and soundproofing of the headphone cups. You can read more about active noise cancelling headphones on MusicCritic.

Furthermore, if your phone or social media is distracting you from work, you could install some apps that block notifications to help you concentrate.

# 4. Dock Chargers and Power Banks

Remote work has made employees realize the importance of decluttering. As everyone works from their home desk, the need to create a tidy space to focus on work has become the new norm. Dock chargers and power banks serve the same purpose. Eliminating cluttered spaces and charging cords, a wireless dock charger could potentially save a lot of space. A power bank, on the other hand, offers the same benefits.

# 5. Upright Go 2

Upright Go 2 is an innovative gadget that helps you retain a healthy posture when you work. Hunched over a desk and working for hours on a screen can take your attention away from maintaining a healthy posture.

This gadget is designed ergonomically, as it goes on your upper back. It vibrates whenever you slouch, thereby sending you a signal. The gadget is paired with an app, which allows you to see your statistics. Upright Go 2, helps you to maintain your health even when you put in extra hours of work.

# 6. Luxafor Flag

Luxafor Flag an innovative gadget to use at home. Working from home does not warrant that you’d be left alone at all times. What’s more is, you could have family members come up to you during an important task.


Luxafor Flag helps you navigate through such distractions. This innovative device can be hooked to your laptop and can tell everyone that you’re busy. You can rig it to show red and green; signals for “busy” or “free,” respectively.

#7. eBeam Edge+

Virtual meetings and discussions take a nasty turn when you don’t have the tools to express what you mean. eBeam Edge+ allows you to make an impression by helping you find a solution to express your ideas.

The gadget allows you to interact with your ideas, which can be shown with the help of a projector.

# 8. Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro technique has been used to improve productivity for ages. The same stands true for remote work. Work from home employees and employers are using this technique to improve engagement and to facilitate better productivity.  

This colorful gadget helps the remote employees to set timers and get visual alerts. The gadget also allows the work from home employees to customize the colors and patterns as per their needs.

Bonus: Fidgi Pen

Fidgi Pen, although it feels more like a toy and less of a gadget, is an amazing way to stay focused. Remote work can be distractive, as mentioned earlier, and could cause you to spend more time on something that could be finished in minutes.

Research shows that fidgeting helps people to retain focus during boring or stressful periods. Fidgi Pen has multiple features that help you focus and can be repurposed as a pen for your tablet or smartphone.


Undoubtedly, remote work is here to stay. As employees telecommute, it is essential to equip their workstations with the correct tools to stay focused and productive. Collaborative apps and gadgets offer a way to maintain a healthy work environment and allow work from home employees to enjoy more flexibility.



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