We are frequently asked what requires the most amount of work when taking care of a fish tank. Our answer is almost always the same: monitoring and maintaining your fish tank’s water chemistry.

Having a healthy water chemistry is essential for not only your fish, but also any live plants if you have them in your fish tank. In today’s article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about testing your fish tank water. We will focus on four main tests: pH, oxygen, ammonia, and nitrate.

Different Fish Tank Water Tests


The term pH refers to the “potential of hydrogen,” and measures whether your fish tank water is acidic (1-6), neutral (7), or basic (8-14). A healthy fish tank should have a pH level between 6.8-7.8. We recommend testing the pH level of your fish tank every two weeks. You can purchase a cheap test kit on amazon.

If your pH level is too low, the quickest and easiest way to increase it is by adding baking soda to your fish tank. If your water has a high pH, you can lower it by adding some API solution, or by adding peat moss.


Although fish live under aquasana reviews, they still live by breathing oxygen. Their gills extract oxygen from the water in order to breathe. Therefore, maintaining a high level of oxygen in your fish tank is essential to having healthy fish. You can buy a cheap oxygen tester on amazon.

The oxygen level of a fresh water tank should be around 8 mg/l, and the oxygen level of a saltwater tank should be between 7 and 6.5 mg/l. Raising the level of oxygen in your tank is very simple. All you need to do is insert an electronic aerator, which will create bubbles and increase oxygen level.


Ammonia is extremely dangerous for fish. Even the smallest concentrations can be deadly. YOu can find a wide range of fish tank ammonia tests on amazon. There are some ammonia test strips that you can leave in your fish tank, and it will monitor the ammonia in your fish tank continuously. The best way to get rid of ammonia is to do a water change or add water conditioner.


Similar to ammonia, it is not desirable to have a lot of nitrate in your fish tank. While it is unhealthy for your fish, it is not nearly as toxic as ammonia. Your fish can still survive in a fish tank where there are small levels of nitrate.

Most fish tank experts recommend maintaining a nitrate level below 15 parts per million. High nitrate levels usually cause algae to grow in your fish tank. A nitrate test can be bought on amazon and is really simple to use.

If you notice that your nitrate levels are high, there are a couple ways to lower it. The first thing you should do to lower the nitrogen in your fish tank is to do a water change. Additionally, you should consider feeding your fish a little less. When you overfeed fish, they will create more waste which results in more nitrogen.

Another great way to control the level of nitrogen in your fish tank is by adding live plants. Fish tank plants can help absorb the excess nitrogen in your tank, and keep your fish healthy.

Decorating Your Fish Tank

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