Tanzanite is a gem that was discovered in the recent decades. There are many gems that have been around since centuries. However, that does not make Tanzanite any less valuable. The discovery is explained using a common story. 

The Maasai herders found blue crystals  that were never seen before by anyone. They were tending livestock as usual in the year 1967. A prospector named Manuel d’Souza was notified. Mining was started after he registered his claims with the government of Tanzania and the gem was found to be in abundant quantity in the hills. 

What was thought to be sapphire gems was not sapphire but another mineral stone that was around since the early nineteenth century. It was a variety of zoisite that was of vibrant blue color. 

The gem’s potential was realized by Tiffany & Co. the company became the main distributor of the gem. The expensive sapphire was rivalled by this newfound gem. 

The gem was named Tanzanite. 1968 was when it was officially promoted and started selling in the shops. In 1971, the mines were nationalised. However, till then nearly 2 million carats of this new gem Tanzanite were mined already. 

The deposits of Tanzanite may deplete in around 20 years according to a study done in 2012. 2.7 million carats of the stone are extracted every year. The stone may not have a long history like other popular gems, but it has a limited supply. 

The limited supply and the high quality has caused it to become very popular in a short amount of time. The Tanzanite gemstone is highly prized. Tanzanite jewelry is very popular and high in demand for the same reasons. 

History of Amethyst

Ancient Egyptians widely used Amethyst gemstone. It was used a lot in engraving works. Intoxication could be prevented if one possessed the amethyst gem was the belief of Greeks. A belief that these gemstones help people to heal themselves and they keep a cool head if soldiers possess one and was widely carried by them to the battle grounds. Graves of the Anglo-Saxons were found to have beads of Amethyst in them. 

What can be described as Amethyst varies from culture to culture and time to time. In Feng Shui, the focus is on the growth of wealth and prosperity. The Amethyst jewels were said to save them from the perils of life in general and also free them from all energies that can have a negative effect in Ancient China. Amethyst ring is a pleasant gift for someone who desires to possess this wonderful gemstone.

History of Strontium Titanate

A diamond simulant made in labs in the early 20th century, Strontium Titanate is a great gemstone. It was patented in 1953. Diagem and Fabulite were the names it was sold as. It was discovered in its natural state in the year 1982. 

Discovered in Eastern Siberia, Russia, the tausonite crystals could not be used as gemstones. They were not large enough to be made into gems. The diamond has 4 times less dispersion than Strontium Titanate. This means that it does have a lot more rainbow-esque color flashes and vibrancy. 

A diamond simulant, also known as imitation diamond or diamond imitation. These objects are very similar to real diamond gems. Diamond simulants can be natural or artificial. In some cases, combinations of natural and artificial diamonds are used to make diamond simulants. These are different from synthetic diamonds.


The diamond simulants are not similar to diamonds. But they do have a lot of traits that make them very desirable. These traits range from hardness to how much light they can disperse. Diamond simulants have been high in demand throughout history. 

Strontium Titanate was solely made for commercial jewelry purposes. It’s quite the dazzler as it has a very high dispersion. Light fancifully plays around this stone, highlighting it as the star it is. The stone was later discovered in Japan. It is also found naturally in Paraguay. The mineral is very rare. 

The crystals are too small to be made into gemstones, hence diamond simulants are sold commercially in its place. Strontium Titanate, or as commercially known as, Fabulite is very easy to tell apart from real diamond gems. The dispersion is the highly rated quality of these gemstones. However, they are not as hard as diamond gemstones. The stone has to be handled with utmost care and special care has to be taken while cleaning it.

Gemstones have a rare quality that makes them highly prized and much sought after. They are adorned by those who have a great sense of fashion. Gemstones are pleasant to look at. Many people want to start collecting gemstones and wonder where they should start. Amethyst is the most affordable and amazing gemstone to start with for a beginner. These gems have been around since time eternal and are here to stay.



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