Chanderi sarees are royal classic drapes for women. The handcrafted Chanderi cotton sarees are a result of traditional weaving that has been passed from generations. The beauty of the Chanderi silk sarees make them an asset for women who love gorgeous sarees. This versatile Chanderi sarees online can be worn on any occasion and can be styled in various ways according to the occasion’s demands.

Chanderi sarees are mainly designed keeping the Indian wedding season in mind. The Chanderi cotton sarees are made of premium quality cotton and are known for their soft elegance. They come in many colors, designs, and patterns to cater to every woman’s taste. They are the perfect blend of fine fabric with great designs.

Are Chanderi sarees good for summer? Well, definitely – Chanderi cotton sarees. Made from high quality cotton, the charming chanderi cotton sarees have an elegant and luxe look, which can add up to your personality and make you feel cool & airy throughout summers!

Why Choose Chanderi Saree Online?

Chanderi saree has a rich history, that makes it even more special than the other sarees. It is believed that these drapes were first worn by queens during their wedding ceremonies in ancient times. Over time, these drapes got popular because of their luxurious look and feel that could be easily matched with any outfit on any occasion!

Chanderi saree is a symbol of royalty and pride. They come in different varieties such as,

  • Pure Chanderi saree.
  • Chanderi silk sarees.
  • Chanderi cotton sarees.

Explore chanderi sarees online and get hold of varied designs and patterns available. Chanderi silk sarees can be styled for casual as well as grand occasions. They have been decorated by different types of embroidery motives like paisley motifs and peacocks which are set in beautiful color combinations of gold, green, red and black.

The most significant thing about a Chanderi saree is it’s appealing and resplendent border work. The borders of the Chanderi sarees are decorated with latkans and buttas. Not only this, Chanderi silk sarees online are adorned with sali work, zari work, beads, zardosi work, etc, which gives the wearer a fabulous royal look.

Style Perfectly With Chanderi Saree

Chanderi saree is soft and delicate. The versatility of a chanderi saree is endless. You can wear chanderi cotton sarees to a formal event or you can pair it up with your casual wear.

The cotton-silk blend of chanderi saree gives coolness and comfort to the body while moving around in the heats. Since, chanderi silk sarees are light-weight, breezy and effortless to carry, they are referred as ‘woven air’. Thus, chanderi sarees are one of the most versatile attire to wear on any occasion.

Chanderi silk sarees are an elegant and easy to carry attire. Suitable for weddings, parties and outings, chanderi silk sarees look best in golden or any other studded jewellery. Also, you can pair them with sandals of your choice for the perfect look.

Care Tips for Chanderi Saree

It’s time to show off your style in a whole new way! To make sure it stays that way, we’ve put together some tips on how to maintain and care for your saree!

  • Make sure you’re washing the right way — in cold water, with mild detergent and no bleach.
  • Chanderi Saree stain removal.


Fresh food or drink stains  soak in warm water with vinegar for about 20 minutes before washing again.



For dirt or makeup stains, use enzyme-based stain remover beforehand so they don’t come back when you wash them again with soap or detergent.

  • Dry your chanderi saree in shade to avoid discoloration.


Online stores offer a huge range of chanderi sarees in different colour and style which look beautiful when worn. The main advantage when it comes to buying chanderi sarees online is that you get both quality and variety at the same place.

Buying a chanderi sarees online from shopping websites is actually very easy. With a few clicks, you can be dressed in gorgeous chanderi silk sarees for any occasion. It’s convenient, affordable and fun! Browse ahead and buy yourself a genuine Chanderi Saree from trusted websites like Taneira.




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