This article discusses the uses, locations, and addresses of the 9 Top Coming Soon Domain Extensions. These 9 Top Level Domain Extensions will be discussed first in the form of a list and then in detail. You can read how to earn $10,000 per month by selling Domains at Godaddy in Commercial Metropole.

9 Top Coming Soon Domain Extensions | List of New TLDs

  • .ads
  • .au
  • .book
  • .buy
  • .dad
  • .data
  • .free
  • .here
  • .hotel

Top Coming Soon Domain Extensions & Their Details

.ads – Commercial & Advertising

Sites associated with any type of advertising or promotion can easily use the dot ads domain extension. Currently, there’re many big companies that create or show ads and there will be more companies related to this in the future. In order to make all these companies specific to the user, the dot ads domain extension will be known as a top-level Coming Soon domain extension.

.au – Australian Country Based Domain Extension

Dot au is a country code top-level domain extension specifically invented for Australia. People outside of Australia won’t normally use this domain extension. Country code domain extensions usually sit next to top-level extensions such as CommercialMetropole.

The identity of a country in the online world depends a lot on the information on that country’s website. However, having too many websites can lead to confusion, a country-code domain extension helps a lot to speed up this confusion. By looking at the country code top-level domain extension, a user can be sure that this site belongs to that country. In the online world, country code domain extensions reveal the name and identity of a country and a good amount of users can learn a variety of facts about that country.

.book – Everything You Read Online

.book – Everything You Read Online

You know what dot book domain extension means. Hopefully, this will be one of the best among the top coming soon domain extensions.

There Are some good websites with books but I don’t think there are enough. Now 2020, still doesn’t have many books available online. With the release of the dot book doming extension, many more book-related websites will be created, which will make this category better and more effective to spend online, which will make it easier for a user to read and feel comfortable.

.buy – Smart Buying Protocol

We buy a variety of products and services online every day. Dot Buy is a pretty top coming soon domain extension because this word is known to almost everyone and is used daily.

In the future, there may be a rule that in order to sell something, your website must have the .buy domain extension. At present, if there is no HTTPS, the site isn’t allowed to do any kind of transaction.

.dad – The Domain You Trust On

.dad – The Domain You Trust On

Dot dad top coming soon domain extension which was originally created for the purpose of fathers. A family providing officer is usually the father, the father fulfills all the responsibilities of the family. There is also a head of a business who takes care of all the projects and gives direction.

The dot dad domain extension will help make family existence more specific and a solution center will be available where problem-solving will be much easier and faster.

.data – Connect With World

Most of what we see in the internet world is data or information. There should be more specific and great domain extensions like dot data in the world of the internet. In the meantime, new extensions are being invented and used. Not surprisingly, dot data will create a buzz among top-coming soon domain extensions, mainly because we’re much more attracted to data.


One doesn’t have enough data which is why we use the internet to receive and send data from one person to another.

Different companies rent their data centers and the dot data domain extension will play a great role in making these data centers or those related websites more specific. Introducing this domain extension has the potential to create more new data centers.

.free – Specifically Free

How many types of services do we get on the internet every day? Many of which are free, meaning you don’t have to pay for them. There Are also many paid services. Here we’re talking about dot free domain extension which is a top coming soon domain extension.

.Free is a simple top-level domain extension that will help make websites more specific in the future world of the internet. This is a very common word that we use on a daily basis, which is why when this domain extension is released, many users will start managing websites using this extension very soon.

.here – Generally Here

Dot Here can be a generic top-level domain extension that implies a service that can be found here.

.Here doesn’t refer to anything specific which is why it can be used in generalities like dot com domain extension. e.g.

A common domain extension like dot here should have been released in the market a long time ago but we haven’t thought much about domain extensions so far. Dot com, dot net, dot org had to cover all the topics due to which many people felt numb and didn’t work with passion. We still can’t find much information on the internet because no information has been specified yet. We hope to find a solution to this issue with the advent of new domain extensions.

.hotel – Best Hotel to Choose

Dot hotel is a top coming soon domain extension that only specifies hotels. We love to travel nowadays as the travel business has become very easy and beautiful. We look for accommodation to move from one place to another, and many local businesses rent rooms that we know as hotels to alleviate the problem of travelers staying.

The hotel business is now a big kind of lucrative business, due to which many good websites are being created every day only for hotel matters.

When the hotel domain extension is released, the sub-website can be specified so that the customer can see and understand that it’s a hotel-related website and if you go here, you can get information or help about the hotel. The dot hotel doming extension is a great invention and hopefully, it’ll one day top the list of new TLDs.

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