The white hat hackers or the ethical hackers are the most reliable security expert who can perform the security assessment properly. They are a crucial asset to society and the country for protecting your privacy. While some users use the knowledge of hacking for evil intent, companies are using it to find any flaws in their systems. They help to maintain a smooth and secure environment for working. In this CyberGhost blog piece, we will learn about ethical hackers’ importance for the good.

How do Ethical Hackers Work?

Ethical hacking is also called white hat hacking, where skilled hackers utilize their skills and technique with the full consent of the authorizer. The major aim of using the knowledge and tools is to get through the IT system network database or application to search for any possible vulnerabilities. They often used the technique to find the flaw in the system and work to cover that patch. They assess the problems and threats in the system and put results accordingly.

The target’s consent and good intention are the most important things for the ethical hacker. If any of them are missing, they will be termed Black hat or grey hat hackers. The most important thing is their motivation to work in this industry, which determines their position.

Black hat hackers are devoid of intent and consent from their target. The term hacker for the widespread imagination is true for black hat hackers. They generally break into the digital environment and steal data by installing malware or ransomware, potentially affecting the organization. They have their motivation like money or the same or even entitling the government entities.

The grey hat hackers are between white hats and black hats. The moral of these hackers is to jump in curiosity without exploiting the data for financial gain. However, they break into the system without concern and illegally to the target. White hat hackers are the most reliable and safe among all three.

The main motivation for ethical hackers consists of four key concepts.

  • They are required to gain approval before accessing or performing their assessment. The main motive is to do all the work under the legal boundaries.
  • They should better assess the scope and a legal and approved boundary. The boundary of an organization should never be trespassed by ethical hackers.
  • They need to report the vulnerability discovered during their assessment and provide the best remediation and advice for resolving them.
  • Data sensitivity is important, and they must agree to a non-disclosure agreement and all the conditions during the assessment period.

Importance of Ethical Hackers in the Society

White hat hackers are useful for the organization depending on their skills and specialization in work for detecting the vulnerabilities in the system. As per the data, the cyber attacks and their intensity have been increasing day by day. We need to stay prepared for any problem with digital platforms. It is becoming more important because the data breach cost for the company can be a matter of concern if they are not taken care of properly.

To fight cyber attacks and black hat hackers, we need an army of white hat hackers who can perform ethical assessments in protecting the system of organization and business from potential cyber-attacks. As part of ethical hacking, they will also train and educate the employees about basic cyber security skills like choosing a good password and authentication process that will help you organize your company. It can make your employee efficient in defending against basic cyber attacks.

When everything is digitalized in the organization or world, we must stay one step ahead of malicious hackers. We must be assertive that our data is in safe hands and a secure gateway.

Hackers are important to find technical bugs in the website and company so that the security and privacy of the company are not compromised in any manner. It will help to secure crucial data from malicious users and reduce the blackmailing for the organization of a person with bad intentions. Search engines and major companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Uber, and others hire ethical hackers to safeguard their data. We often hear news of data breaching or leaking because of patches in digital security.

Apart from industry or organization, many world governments and state organizations hire hackers to ensure that their privacy and national security are not compromised in the hands of these hackers.


Ethical hacking has become more important because of digitalization in every field of work. It will ensure that the software testing and execution are under extreme security. They will help to find the vulnerable spot in the security of the application website and product. Their knowledge will help to secure a better society, government, and business.



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