When it comes to wedding photography, there is much room for interpretation. There is no such thing as a “Holy Grail” in wedding photography, but we can tell you what to look for to make an informed decision. These are just my own personal views on the subject matter. For Weddings in Surrey, if you need to choose the right photographer, then here are the things you need to know about.


There is a good chance that someone you know just got married or attended a wedding where a photographer was in action, and they witnessed the finished product of that photographer’s work. These people are in the best position since they know more about the photographer’s history than a website or sales material can provide.

Venues’ Preferred Suppliers

In addition, this is a great place to begin your search, as well. The vendors will likely be familiar with the site and know just where the best spots are to take pictures that are sure to be jaw-dropping. An untrustworthy person or whose work is of poor quality will be rejected by the venue.

On the other side, some venues have preferred suppliers that are chosen because they paid to be included or because they supplied the venue with a monetary incentive for each wedding hosted at their location.

Go to the Internet and Search for a Website

This is where most couples begin their search for their dream wedding photographer, whether it’s by putting in terms like “best wedding photographer in your area,” “creative wedding photographer,” or anything along those lines. A particular spotlight should be shined on anyone selling their websites at this price.

Since photography has made enormous strides in the last 15 years, you may find that photographers are no longer limited to just one or two styles. Please be aware that this information will not help you make a choice!

This Kind of Event is Known as a Wedding Spectacular

Large-scale national events in stadiums to smaller-scale bespoke concerts at your wedding site are just a few examples of these types of events. At these events, you may meet and peruse a wide range of providers without having to set up a one-on-one meeting.

A good indication of whether or not you want to meet with a vendor and discuss your wedding plans in person may be gleaned from these presentations. Some exhibitors’ booths may be congested, and you may not return to check whether they have the proper solution for your requirements if you stroll by and notice that they are busy.

Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, and the Like

Social media is a common area to seek a seller in a world where everyone posts something about their life online. Both Instagram and Facebook are major social networking sites. You may get a firsthand look at a real wedding by visiting a business professional’s Facebook page and looking at their most recent wedding albums.

Other couples’ experiences are shared in the form of reviews and comments. When it comes to discovering a photographer’s unique style, Instagram serves as an excellent starting point since it showcases just the best images.

Wedding-specific Periodicals

With that in mind, I’d advise you to check out a local magazine that focuses on weddings in your areas, such as Your Surrey Wedding or Your Berkshire Wedding, or any similar journal. Your wedding location may be included in the collection of images shot by local photographers documenting their real weddings. If you’re lucky, your photographer will be able to have your wedding featured in a magazine or on the internet!

Your preliminary investigation has yielded a short selection of photographers whose work you find appealing. Some things to keep in mind:

Website It’s an example of a photography shop’s front door. An excellent selection of their finest work should be included in the collection. Next, if the photos don’t seem significant, it’s best not to go further; after all, you wouldn’t buy an ugly bun from the bakery if it looked to be beyond its sell-by date.


In my early days as a photographer, winning an award meant that your work had been evaluated and judged by a panel of experienced photographers. In terms of lighting, composition, and technical ability, these photographers were among the best in the business. Everyone is a winner of an award in 15 years.

It’s still common practice for a panel of peers to evaluate members of organizations like the MPA and the BIPP, the SWPP, and Fearless Photographers. When it comes to awards outside of the wedding industry, it’s a little-known fact that a rising number of awards are won just for paying to participate in an award competition.


For additional information, see their blog page. Seeing examples of their recent work can give you a better idea of their own aesthetic and approach to weddings. As a result of their reliance on staged images, they may not be particularly adept documentarians. If they’re capturing many candid shots, they may not feel at ease posing couples or even engaging with them much throughout the day.

Reading their blog will give you a better sense of whether they utilize many imaginative lighting effects or merely natural light. When I upload 50-60 photos from a couple’s wedding on my blog, it’s the highlight of their day and something they can link to and share with family and friends.

An Introduction to Me

Some of the themes covered in these pages include anything from the three-year-olds who first picked up a camera at the early age of three to those who obtained acceptable art degrees, are self-taught, or learned via training courses or second shooting: A body of work is what initially attracts you into this kind of art, not one specific piece.


Have a face-to-to-face or phone conversation with the photographer you’re interested in hiring. It’s critical that you and your wedding photographer have a solid working connection since they will be documenting your wedding day alongside you and your loved ones. Additionally, it would help if you were confident that they wouldn’t disrupt your guests by misbehaving on the day of the event.

Getting Married in Real Life

See if you can get a peek of a couple of recently-held nuptials. Have a peek at these winter weddings for inspiration if you’re planning a winter wedding. Choosing a wedding photographer for a winter wedding might be tricky because of the challenging lighting conditions.

Examining a few entire weddings should demonstrate that a photographer’s style and editing quality are constant, as well as how your marriage may appear and the number of photographs you may anticipate from your day. It should be sufficient to persuade you that this is the photographer you want to capture your special day in the manner you envisaged it.



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