Nowadays, companies and entrepreneurs can no longer work without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It protects them better against hackers and it helps them meet the high demands that are made on the privacy of personal data. And if there are also employees that work from home, there will be more reasons to use a VPN service. How do you find the best VPN connection for your business?

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a private network that you connect to, while surfing the internet. All the data that is sent, is sent through a kind of tunnel. Here the data is encrypted and in this way hackers and malicious parties cannot intercept it. However, if some data gets intercepted it is illegible.

The idea behind this is that companies are better protected. The sensitive information they send online remains well protected. In addition, it is more difficult to follow the company, because no traceable IP address is sent while surfing.

Requirements for a VPN Connection

When looking for the best VPN connection for your company or startup, pay attention to a couple of facts. Normally, you look at the security of the provider: are the connections really well encrypted? Which security measures are used? Of course, employees must be able to use a dedicated IP. That is one specific address to be used for the entire network connection. So, you really have your own network.

Your workforce can rotate, which means that a VPN also requires an ease of use. New employees should be easily added, while old-employees should be easily removed from the network.

The network must also be accessible outside the office and abroad. It is also possible to work from home, or at a business appointment abroad. Of course, you want to have the full support of the VPN provider. Therefore, you should be quick to contact us.

Small Business: A Private VPN?

Using a VPN doesn’t have to be expensive at all. For small businesses there is not any more reasons not to use a private network. Some private providers namely also have the option to connect multiple devices or several allowed users. A company with less than 5 employees is able to do that getting enough benefit from a VPN, without an extra cost.

Advice: Stay Away From Free VPN´s

The business market should not be tempted by free VPN’s. Although the benefits are tempting it is not recommended. A free VPN means that your company becomes a product. All kind of data is collected and sold.

Free VPN´s, for example, keep track of what someone does on the internet, for how long they are on a page, and what is clicked on it. This data is worth money. Third parties pay money so that they can create targeted ads. VPN services can use their kept services (data) running like this.

This is very harmful for the privacy of your company. You might then not use a VPN. Therefore, it is recommended that you always use a business – or at least a private VPN.



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