There’s no doubt that technological revolution, such as the internet or smartphones, has made our lives easier. However, this convenience comes with a cost. For instance, spy equipment that was only available to private detectives a few decades ago can now be easily ordered online by anyone.

Regardless of this, you want to feel peace of mind and a sense of security in your home or even in your office room. You certainly don’t want others with evil intentions to take advantage of you, whether related to your personal or work life.

Therefore, if you’re on the hunt for ways to protect yourself from illegal and unethical spying, keep reading this article!

Smartphone Spying

Your smartphone is just more than a “phone”. You use it for online banking, to save passwords, log in to your social media accounts, order food, shop online, and stay connected with your loved ones.

Therefore, this can be an excellent target for spies to keep an eye on you and retrieve your confidential and personal information.

A spy can install a spying app on your smartphone to track your location, calls, emails, text messages, photos, and videos. It may not be visible on the interface. Hence, it may be pretty hard for you to detect it.

How to Prevent Smartphone Spying?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. To prevent smartphone spying in the first place, you should never allow someone else to use your phone in your absence.

When unlocking your phone, you should pay attention to your surroundings to ensure no one gets your password. Using a strong password for your phone is essential to make it almost impossible for others to guess it.

How to Detect and Deal with Smartphone Spying?

It’s important to consider if your phone has been behaving strangely lately. For instance, pay attention to unexpected activity like increased data usage, or random smartphone waking.

If you detect someone spying on your smartphone, you must immediately install robust antivirus software and scan your phone for viruses or malicious apps. It may easily help you detect and remove it.

If your issue still remains unresolved, you may have to factory reset your phone.

Desktop Spying

Another common way spies monitor your activities and eavesdrop on your conversations is through your computer or laptop. They can, again, install a remote access application to view all your desktop activity. In addition, keyloggers may help them track your keystrokes to know your essential passwords and get access to your accounts. Sending malware to your computer may also allow them to hack your system.

How to Prevent Desktop Spying?

You should never leave your computer unattended. If you have to leave it, lock it with a strong password.
It’s also vital to never let anyone use your computer as an administrator because you never know if they may install a malicious app on your computer.


You should keep an eye on your program list on the computer, which may help indicate a strange app.

How to Detect Desktop Spying?

If there’s some kind of spyware on your computer, it will start behaving weirdly. For instance, you may notice that your computer has become sluggish, and it keeps crashing. Furthermore, it may start showing you random error messages and multiple popups. These are good indicators of desktop spying. Installing efficient antivirus software will not only prevent any threat to your computer down the road but recommend and help you remove infected programs or files.

Spying Devices

If not the ways listed above, a spy may use other ways to keep an eye on your activities, using spying devices. Here are the most common ones:

GPS Devices To track your location 24/7, GPS devices can be placed anywhere on your car, such as inside the bumper or under the grill. Since these devices use RF signals, you can use an RF detector to scan your car for such devices or physically search the car.

Cameras and Microphones – Your office room or your house may be bugged to listen to your conversations or to monitor you in real-time. Cameras and microphones usually come concealed in a decor piece such as a lamp, clock, or wall picture. However, since they are tiny, they may be hidden anywhere in the room.

To detect cameras and microphones it’s better to turn off the lights and take a good look to see if there’s tiny red or white light visible that indicates these devices are in use. You can also use a torch and assess if the lens has any reflection or use specialized equipment that detects cameras and microphones.

Nevertheless, you can keep a portable and robust RF detector with you to accurately detect such devices and give you peace of mind. 



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