Instagram is a social network with brutal power and, currently, one of the most popular with more interaction. Its growth in the last 5 years has been enormous, so if you want to get followers in an organic and well-done way it’s possible, but you can also buy followers for Instagram.

Four million “likes” per day on Instagram make this social network a very interesting channel for all those who seek to generate engagement with the audience that is so important today in Marketing. So, consider the idea to buy Instagram followers as one of the working approaches. Note to consider a reliable source for this procedure in order to avoid fake Instagram followers’ usage.

Social media platforms are of key importance now, agree. Therefore, betting on Instagram today can mean getting 10 times more interaction than on Facebook, leaving it in the background in the eyes of those who are looking for a social network in which to expose themselves.

However, gaining new followers, likes, and other interactions takes time to be achieved. Establishing an engaging and successful profile that can attract followers and generate interaction naturally requires constant dedication and care.

Optimize your Instagram Presence to the Maximum

If this advice sounds like beginners’ advice, you can skip to the next item! However, we have to start with the basics. It is important to complete and optimize some information on your profile before looking for followers.

First, if you have a business, you should convert your profile into a business profile. It’s quick and easy and allows Instagram accounts to have access to various information that is not available to personal profiles. You need to have a Facebook page.

To do this, go to the Instagram settings page and click Switch to a business profile. You must accept the request to link your page to the application and fill in the information regarding phone, email, and address. This will help your customers to contact you.

Also, choose a short, easy-to-remember username – if you already have one that could be better, you can change it.  On the settings page, remember to fill in the Name field, which will appear in bold just below your profile picture. Choose the type of company that best suits your market and complete the bio with an informative and impactful sentence.

It is important that your profile is visually appealing and that, at first glance, the follower count instantly knows what you are about. If you are present on other social networks, you should unify the criteria. Use the same profile picture and, if possible, the same username.

The text box in the biography is valuable, as it is the only one that allows you to insert links. Use it to spread the word about your website and occasionally other interesting links, such as that rich material or fascinating blog. Shorten the addresses with tools like Bitly to improve the presentation, or use Linktree to group all the links you want in a single URL.

If you are starting to look for likes now, before you spread your profile, it is important to have some photos posted. When producing these images, remember that on Instagram, image quality matters a lot. This way, when people visit your profile, they can see that you produce good content.

Also, remember to promote your Instagram account on other social networks where you are present. If someone already follows your company on Facebook or Twitter, they won’t mind following you on another social network.

Provide Users with a Way to Contact You

Highlight essential information about your business – tell them who you are and what you do! Bring out your personality in your 150-character description and highlight that “something” that makes you different. Remember to add a link! New Instagram followers will gain the chance to meet you closely.


Write a Bio that Stands out with Instagram SEO

To give your Instagram bio a more eye-catching and visual touch, you can turn to apps like Fancytext, a free website where you’ll find a variety of fonts to use on your profile.

Be Creative and Attract Attention with Stories

Of all the Instagram Stories you see throughout the day, very few of them seem eye-catching or interesting. Right?

For your Instagram Stories to get attention and help you gain followers more easily, you need more than just consistency. It would help your follower growth if you had creativity. It would help if you had an impact.

You can feel you need to be more creative via your Instagram post. In those cases where creativity doesn’t flow, you can take inspiration from other Instagram users or even turn to pages where you already have templates for Instagram, both in video and image, ready for it.

Using Creative and Impactful Stories will Help Attract New Followers

Usually, these templates are ready-made and optimized to replace the content (text and image) with your own. This way, you can customize every detail, making it stand out.

If you use this resource, you can give it a much more ‘pro’ touch than with mobile applications. We have the example of Unfold, a viral app that does not allow you to customize the templates as much as we would like. However, you can also use tips from other industry professionals to inspire you when creating your Instagram editorial calendar.

Use Well-Chosen Hashtags

Instagram allows up to 30 trending hashtags per post, but you can put those 30 in. It can even be detrimental if you do. By using well-selected hashtags on our social networks, we can get discovered by anyone with the same interests. Precisely for this reason, you must know how to use hashtags correctly and which ones are the most popular.

If you use hashtags, they should be relevant. How many hashtags should one use? It’s up to you to decide! That is to say, don’t use 30 random hashtags because that’s the maximum you can use, as you’ll drive Instagram’s algorithm crazy, and it won’t like it. There are better options than using the same hashtags all the time, too.

This will not reach the people you want to reach. The key is to vary, research, and see what works. Real Instagram followers will be added to your fan base considering all the algorithm’s terms.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Increase Your Visibility

When using hashtags in your Instagram strategy to get more visibility and, therefore, get more followers, consider 2 locations: your bio and your Stories. We would like you to take advantage of the 150 characters in your biography to add 3 hashtags following the guidelines we mentioned in the previous point.

But be careful with Stories, as this is a different matter. Keep a social media content calendar. Insert only one hashtag in Stories. When we fill this type of publication with hashtags, we don’t give a good image, and it doesn’t help us to grow. Relevant hashtags will help to gain Instagram followers.

Analyze and Detect your “Best” Followers

Something fundamental in Instagram to gain followers is to see who follows you, who unfollows you, and, of course, “spy” on who is spying on you. This means seeing who is on your profile but not following you. To do this, you have a free tool called REPORTS+, both in its IOS and Android versions.

Make Live Videos

Do you wanna get more Instagram followers? Did you get that notification on your mobile screen that your friend or follower is broadcasting live at that moment? We are sure you’ve checked to see what they are broadcasting and if it’s interesting….. And you’ve taken part! With this, we recommend that you make live videos.

You must include them in your strategy. This will not only help to increase engagement but also to increase the number of followers of your account. But, of course, you must make videos regularly to increase brand awareness. Tag relevant users, and keep your finger on the pulse of the fake followers’ absence.

One option for using this Instagram marketing resource is to interview other leading Instagrammers in your sector. Get in touch with them, do an interview rich in content, and get straight to the point. However, be careful when choosing which profiles fit or don’t fit with your content. Otherwise, you could provoke a reputation crisis that you must solve later.

Invest in Instagram ADS

If you want to increase your visibility and followers or likes on your publications, use this option (paid). All you have to do is go to your profile and click on the word “promote post” to do so. You will see the first options appear. You can redirect your audience to your profile, website, or shop window (Instagram profile, business address, or phone number).

The procedure is very simple, fast, and effective for your Instagram posts. In addition, Instagram ADS will show you, depending on the money you invest in the publication, how much audience you will reach. This procedure will make you go to a specific target or buyer persona, and you will get more Instagram followers quickly and with a very low investment. You set the limit.

Instagram insights say to avoid being commercial in your publications. People want to have fun and see interesting things. Try to make your content clear, direct, and with that spark that makes the person who sees you stay and become part of your community of followers. For example, you can use memes or Instagram posts with humor. Apply different copy formulas to improve the texts of your publications. In this way, you will improve the quality of your content.

Look for Inspiration on Pinterest

You may be familiar with this social network, but you have yet to do much research on it according to social media strategy. If you don’t know it, I strongly recommend using it because creativity is obtained after reading a lot, seeing a lot, and constant trial and error. Pinterest is a constant exhibition of wonders in all aspects.

If you’re a web designer or creative, it will inspire you whether you’re making new websites or creating fantastic logos. Post consistently to engage potential followers and keep existing followers. Schedule Instagram posts to be in the eye of the target audience.

Suppose you are looking for inspiration on Instagram. In that case, you can create public and hidden boards of all the feeds you can find just by putting Instagram Feed inspiration, minimal, creatives, etc… We suggest you search in English as you will find much more material there.

Interact with your Followers and Other Social Network Users

An organic way to gain followers on the social network is to follow the Instagram accounts of partner companies and well-known people in your market who are interested in your business. Once you follow them, interact with them, share posts, and make comments. In this way, you also attract attention to your profile, exchange ideas, and get inspired by the content of those who have been on the social network for longer.

The idea is to participate in other people’s conversations and make interesting comments. There is no point in sending comments with the typical “follow me” because, in practice, it means spam! And cross the border on modern viral trends. Similarly, as you gain followers, interact with them for normal Instagram growth. Show interest by replying to comments, following the profiles you feel you should follow, and engaging with the content they post.

Tell an Instagram Profile Story in the Caption

Because the Instagram app is an image-focused social network, you don’t need to leave your captions to one side. Please use that text space to tell an interesting story about your photos to complement them. It’s a great opportunity to share the details that the image doesn’t show and thus gain complicity with your user.

Writing may seem difficult initially, but you will soon develop a tone of voice for your company that will set it apart from others. Instagram business profiles can be a good place for storytelling. Speak about your product for further social proof. You’ll see the follower count starts increasing.

Run a Sweepstakes or Contest to Gain Followers

Another way to expand your follower base is to run sweepstakes, asking people to like your page and comment on the post as prerequisites for participation. After all, who doesn’t like to win a gift via more exposure?

The giveaway can also be in the form of a contest, which is an opportunity to get user-generated content. Ask people to post photos of themselves using a specific hashtag, as well as following your profile. However, before you get your hands dirty and run the sweepstakes or contest, it is important to know the rules. It is important to read the institution’s rules, as well as Instagram’s guidelines.

Additional tip: invest in a social media management tool. In addition to ensuring your frequency by scheduling posts, a social media tool will help you track your performance, interact with followers, and integrate the management of other networks in the same place.

We believe that the best way to achieve this is to produce interesting content and thus gain organic followers on the social network. Meet the brand recognition via trending content formats. Instagram Explore page will become your place to develop and obtain the target audience needed. Get more Instagram followers obtaining all the approaches above!



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