If your teacher or professor hasn’t assigned you a topic to write about, the first step should be to identify one. However, it is not an easy process and most examiners will challenge you to see how creative you can be. Nonetheless, it is easy to do if you first understand the assignment at hand. Failure to do this may lead to wrong identification of topic ideas and losing it in the end. However, there is no sure-fire way to find a topic to write about in a research paper, essay, etc. You can try different methods until you find a topic that works for you, for more homework help click here.

Here are some tips you can use when finding a topic.

Talking it Out

Getting started with an assignment with no topic is often the most challenging part. It would help if you started by finding mind-moving ways, and one is by talking about your assignment. You can discuss it with your friends, teachers, or any other person who can give some helpful ideas. Discussing it with these people will open up your mind and help you decide the path to follow. They will help identify the weaknesses in your ideas and improve them. Besides, you may get to know about other possible topic ideas that you had not considered.

Generate Ideas from Samples

It is necessary to check out some templates before you start writing. It helps to give some general ideas of the structure and other things. Besides, it can be one of the best ways to identify possible topics you can write about when confronted with an essay or research paper. For instance, checking out templates from our research paper writing service can help you develop the best writing ideas. It helps you approach your paper with new perspectives, write better, and stand out in the crowd.


It is one of the best ways to find topic ideas, especially in your area of study that you already understand well. It would help if you had a piece of paper and pen then start thinking of ideas that you would like to consider as topics. Write down all the ideas that you can think about in your area of study.

Once done, go ahead and write short notes on each idea. It will help you find the idea with the most points that will be the best for a topic. Also, there may be two or more related ideas, and you can choose to create a connection between them and come up with a strong topic idea.


You can also choose to free write to come up with the best topic ideas. It is one of the best methods you can use here, although it often sounds like brainstorming. The difference between the two is that freewriting does not involve as many ideas as brainstorming.

Here. You identify one idea and write it down on a piece of paper or MS word document. Then start thinking about it randomly and writing anything that comes to mind. You can time yourself and stop writing after the time elapses. Then go through what you’ve written to identify some essential ideas.

Request Assignment Paper from Experts

As mentioned earlier, finding a topic for your assignment can be a difficult task. It is essential to find help from our custom paper writing service. We have a team of dedicated writers who will help you develop the best ideas for your assignment and write unique papers for you.

Our expert writers have the experience of using various methods to find topics to write. Besides, they follow different patterns making it easy to ensure consistency when choosing topics. Therefore, you should feel free to request your assignment from us if finding a good topic feels like a baffling chore.


You can use any of the methods mentioned above to find the best topic idea to write. Ensure you settle on a topic that you can generate and document as many points as possible. Besides, you should ensure the topic is in your line of study and focused. Our assignment help service can also be helpful in this task.



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