Blocked drains are nasty and can cause inconvenience in the surrounding due to unhygienic conditions. Clogged drains could pile-up a lot of garbage swarming in the drain eventually inviting insects, microbes, and flies. Further, the foul smell from blocked drains makes a massive problem for people living nearby. For sure, you’re tackling the same problem created by blocked drains, especially during rainy weather and are here for the best solution.

Thankfully, blocked drains can be fixed by taking a few specific actionable steps. Some blocked drains can be resolved quickly, whereas in some situations – you will need a professional drain cleaner.

Here’re some things you can do to deal with blocked drains:

Figure-Out the Problem

First and foremost, you need to know the reason for the blockage. A roadside blockage is generally caused by the storage of dry leaves and branches, mud, or plastic waste. In some cold areas, the blockage is caused by the freezing of water at some places, which creates a blockage in the drains.

Roadside drains can also be blocked because of poor design and unchecked constructions. After analyzing the reasons, you can clear the blockage manually or call a professional accordingly. Roadside Drains are more prone to blockage during the rainy season because of the excess water on roads.

Deal with the Blockage Yourself Manually 

Make sure to take precautionary measures; the roads are completely flooded with water during drain blockages.

Follow the guide given below to clear the blockage manually:

Collect the Necessary Tools

Before approaching the blockage, you must acquire the necessary tools. The tools include a drainage rod, safety gloves and gears, and cleaning tools (scrub brush, long groom, etc.).

Locate the Blockage

Roads are completely flooded with water during drain blockage. It’s challenging to locate the drain gully in these situations. Locate the blockage and identify the cause of the blockage.

Clean the Blockage

Locate the severe gully and clean the entrance using a scrub brush or any other tool. If dry leaves are the cause of the blockage, you can manually clean it by sweeping the leaves away from the gully entrance. If the problem isn’t solved, you can use the drainage rods to clear the drainage to a better extent.

Call the Professionals

Sometimes the blockage is caused by stubborn materials and cannot be cleaned easily. The blockage caused by cement, grease, or any metal cannot be solved quickly. These situations require professionals for a solution. This allows us to deal with the blockage with advanced technologies. Moreover, the waste is transported correctly and disposed of in a suitable area.

Professionals use machines and techniques like drain jetting and tanker service to ensure proper cleaning of the blockage. Contacting the appropriate drainage professionals will resolve the issue faster. Southern Drainage and Water offers professional and reliable blockage clearing service drains in your city. You can contact them to deal with the blockage.

Last Words

Ignoring drain-blocking can create severe problems. Moreover, these blockages also could lead to spread several contamination and diseases, which must be avoided at any cost. Once you use the above mentioned tips, you’re sure to feel an easy life ahead of you.



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