People are visual creatures, and having that in mind, the visual experience is more than essential. It’s scientifically proven that more than 85% of people believe that design is a vital part of a website that will, among other things, attract visitors. It’s more than a first impression.

If you have an incredibly designed website, your potential users will remember it quickly because it’s authentic. Let’s be realistic, how many people are willing to buy something as they visit your site for the first time? Very little. Good design will encourage them to return to the site and use your services.

A well-crafted website leaves a memorable impact thanks to its distinct and genuine design. It’s essential to recognize that first-time visitors seldom make immediate purchases. However, a professionally designed and engaging website, such as those provided by Eversite’s managed web design services, draws visitors back and significantly enhances the likelihood of them engaging with your services.

In today’s digital landscape, where competition is fierce, having a website that stands out establishes your brand’s identity and builds trust with your audience. Eversite’s expertise ensures that your website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions, making it a valuable asset for your business growth.

So, what design elements should you pay attention to when designing a website? Check these food web design examples to get ideas?


When we talk about colors, maybe it will be useful to read something about color psychology first. It’s based on the meaning of the colors like red, which presents love, fire, or passion, or black that mostly means something negative, like death or danger. Every color has its meaning, and it causes special emotions to people.

So, you should pay special attention to the message you want to send to your potential users using different colors. If you want a better effect, it’s good to try to make a complementary contrast. Combine green and red, blue and orange, yellow and purple, or else. Also, try with light text and dark background.

Use The White Space

When creating a website, you can make one most common mistake- trying to fill every inch of the space. Too much information could be overwhelming for your audience, and it will probably confuse the reader. Try to make a balance. The white background is great for a website design because it allows your user to stay focused on the content. If you specify them to stay longer on your website, you’ll increase your sales.

CTA Button Placement

You may already know that it’s best for this button to stay on the homepage to attract your visitors. But, design plays the primary role here. Depending on which color scheme you are using, try to contrast with your CTA button. Some researches say that the best color for download, sign-up, and add to cart buttons is green.

You can also add some details and upgrade the whole look of your CTA buttons like graphics, arrows, or even something characteristic for your company. The point is to use a combination of your design and text to encourage potential users to take action.

Add Some Pictures and Videos

Visual presentation of certain products and services will improve the sales effect. Using some pictures and videos, you’ll get a chance to explain to your potential users in detail what you are offering. It would be more interesting to make some videos and pictures from your company through history and show your progress that way. Don’t forget to use only high-quality images.

Speed Up Your Website

The thing is, nobody has enough time to spend it waiting for your site to open. People usually use their phones and laptops for quick research, so your goal is to help them to do it easily. It can also affect your Google rank and sale. If it’s faster, it would be better rated, and you’re going to have more clients, but if not, you will lose your time and money. You can check your current website speed on the WebPage Test, Pingdom, GTMetrix, and other sites.


More than 30 out of 40 people see the design when they visit your website for the first time. Try to do your best to optimize your eCommerce agency or eCommerce web design services, and encourage your potential users to take action. That’s the key to success and better sales.



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