If your work has left you injured, preventing you from working again, or in the immediate future, you need to know how to file a workers’ compensation claim. You should also know that the law requires employers to provide their employees with compensation insurance.

However, as simple as it sounds, the actual process is complicated, involving plenty of legalities which is difficult for a layperson to understand. Hiring a workers compensation lawyer will help you go through the process efficiently, ensure you receive a fair payment for your injuries and have a solid representation on your behalf.

Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

A lawyer specializing in workers’ compensation is familiar with your state’s laws, regulations, and procedures. They understand how to navigate the claims process and what is required for it to be successful.

For example, a comp lawyer knows that if your injury or illness occurs while you are working, you will need medical documentation from your doctor showing the nature of your injury and its effects on you to make a successful compensation claim.

An experienced attorney also knows what information needs to be included in any written communication between yourself and others involved in the process (such as an employer’s representative) so that there is clarity about whether an issue has been resolved correctly or not.

How Much Money Will You Receive?

The amount of money you receive will depend on the type of injury or illness you have sustained and its severity level. Your lawyer will also help you calculate the medical bills incurred during your treatment process, resulting in more money being awarded from an insurance company or employer’s liability fund because they were at fault.

The Claims Process is Complicated

Even though you may be entitled to compensation benefits, getting them can be long and complicated. The process of filing a claim, waiting for an answer from your employer, and then fighting if they deny your claim can take months or even years. You need to be patient and keep following up with your employer when you don’t hear anything.

You should also know that legal options are available if things aren’t resolved in your favor after going through the workers’ compensation claims process (and they probably won’t be). A lawyer who specializes in helping injured workers with their claims will be able to help guide you through these options as well as represent you if necessary.

How Much Time Do You Get Off Work?

The amount of time a worker is allowed off from work due to an injury varies by state but typically lasts up to two years (though some states have stricter limitations). This time is called “temporary total disability” and covers all income-generating activities.

Which Injuries Are Eligible For Compensation?

Apart from injuries at the workplace, other injuries, such as long-term exposure to hazardous materials (pesticides, dust, chemicals) and accidents at locations away from work while performing work-related duties, come under compensation. You can also make a claim because of ergonomic-related conditions, which happen when you perform a task repetitively for weeks and months, leading to overused muscles.

The bottom line is that a workers compensation lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. They will assist you throughout the process, from filing a form to negotiating with the insurance companies and other parties involved.



  1. I like that you mentioned how workers compensation lawyers know how to navigate the claims process and what is needed for it to succeed. I was checking out a newspaper during breakfast earlier and I saw one article about the workers’ compensation case. It seems a bit complicated for laymen, so it might be better to hire a lawyer if you’re ever involved in such a case.


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