Watches are an essential item. Not only do they tell time, but they also make a perfect addition to any outfit. A watch makes an outfit go from messy to put together in the blink of an eye. As such, watches are a good investment not only for their practicality but also for their role in putting an outfit together.

One of the brands that excel in combining design with practicality is TAG Heuer. Their watch designs are extravagant yet straightforward at the same time, making them the perfect watches for watch collectors and those on the hunt for a versatile luxury watch brand. With that, here are some excellent watches from TAG Heuer.

#1. Monaco Calibre Heuer 02 Black Dial Men’s Watch

The TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre watch is an excellent addition to any watch collection. It is a perfect watch for day-to-day activities. Its stainless steel band and black dial suit any outfit and make it look put together. At $6, 450, its price is located in the middle range for a luxury watch.

It features 100-meter water resistance as well, making it excellent for aquatic excursions and day-to-day activities. Overall, this watch is an excellent purchase as it is easy to pair with any outfit, stylish, durable, and multipurpose. If you or anyone you know is on the hunt for a luxury watch, keep the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre Black Dial in mind.

#2. Aquaracer Blue Dial Ladies Watch

Just like the Monaco Calibre, this watch has a stainless steel band and case as well as a crystal made of sapphire, ensuring durability and safety against scratches. Its blue dial excellently contrasts with the stainless steel, making it fit nicely on any lady’s wrist. This watch will set you back by $1, 120.

Featuring water resistance for up to 300 meters, this watch is also perfect for underwater activities and daily activities. This watch’s durability and reliability, paired with its cool color palette and clean design, make it a must-have for any avid watch collector. Its price is also significantly lower compared to other luxury watches.

#3. Carrera Chronograph Automatic White Dial Leather Strap Men’s Watch

Coming in at $4, 750, this luxury watch is quiet, simple, and elegant. It is excellent for both formal and casual attires with its neutral color palette and white dial, making it a worthwhile spend. Its brown leather strap contrasts nicely with its rose gold hands and white dial, giving the watch a premium and elegant look.

For those on the hunt for a timepiece with a leather band, this watch is perfect. Not only is its design aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very durable with its stainless steel case and crystal made of sapphire. It also has 100-meter water resistance, making it an ideal watch for day-to-day activities and formal events.

#4. Link Quartz Black Dial Ladies’ Watch

This watch’s gold and black color scheme perfectly match outfits with a black motif. Unlike the Aquaracer, this watch has a black ceramic band and case. The band and case contrast well with the rose gold-plated indexes and Dauphine hands, giving the watch a premium feel and look.

The TAG Heuer Link Quartz watch will set potential buyers back by $2, 400, a fairly reasonable price for a luxury watch. It is water resistance for up to 100 meters, making it great for most aquatic activities, just like the watches mentioned above. Overall, this watch is excellent as it fits any outfit and is extremely durable.

#5. Formula 1 Quartz Black Dial Ladies’ Watch

Perfectly neutral and elegant, this watch is an excellent timepiece for all occasions. Its silver and black color scheme is easy on the eyes and isn’t as shocking as a black and gold combo, making it great for formal attires with a neutral color scheme. This watch will cost you $1, 330.

The silver-tone hands and diamond indexes contrast nicely with the black dial, making it very pleasing to the eyes. Not only that, but this watch also promises durability with its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel case. Overall, this watch is an excellent investment because of its durability and design.


Watches either make or break an outfit. Therefore it is crucial to purchase and use a watch that goes well with your clothing. TAG Heuer offers their clients excellent timepieces suited for all occasions, making purchases from this brand extremely worthwhile. When searching for a practical luxury watch, always look to TAG Heuer.



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