A mesmerizing experience that involves baffling riddles, puzzles, and mind-boggling mysteries that you have to solve with your teammates, sounds extraordinarily enthralling, right? Well, it is!

Escape room games have been gaining extensive fame for providing these mini-dungeons consisting of startling mysteries that spellbind the players at a glance.

They offer puzzles, mysteries, clues, and riddles at literally every corner. Individuals who come to play these games are captivated by their one-of-a-kind ambiance. These adventures are loved by adrenaline junkies worldwide because they offer a gush of dopamine that tranquilizes players’ minds.

Escape rooms are now adapting to the post-pandemic lifestyle. These escape room centers are being extra cautious and careful about their players’ safety in this new normal. But if you still feel skeptical about going to your favorite escape room, don’t worry because we have just the right alternative for you!

Escape rooms have now begun to bring to the table virtual gaming encounters. You can appreciate the spiritualist quality games and confounding puzzles of these escape games while sitting at your comfiest spot, sipping on your espresso!

Still confused? Let us explain it to you!

Escape rooms have taken the online gaming industry by storm. They have started to offer these tranquilizing adventurous games, filled with a conundrum, virtually.

Interested players can pick their desired themed escape game and simply confirm their booking. The rest is just a combination of a few easy steps, and voila! You are all set to unlock the most thrilling encounter of your life.

In this article, we have summarised the fundamental process of booking an escape room online. All the important steps have been broken down into 3 easy to comprehend pointers. It will help you understand this smooth-sailing process without wasting your precious time.

So, let’s dive straight into it!

Some Basic Requirements 

Escape rooms allow you to illuminate these conundrums from any corner of the world. If you have what it takes to default these bemusing escape games, get ready to challenge yourself.

Here we have listed the essential requirements that will help you participate in the escape game of your choice. You can now plan your strategy intelligently and fathom your way out of these perplexing rooms, and for that, all you need is a smart device and a video conferencing platform. Let us explain how they will be useful and play a significant part in your adventurous encounter.

You Must Have a SMART DEVICE

You can undoubtedly begin playing your virtual escape game with the assistance of any smart device. This is essential as it facilitates players to connect with their escape room brand and enjoy the game virtually. You can use any available smart device like a PC, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and so forth.


Although the true excitement of these games would be easily accessible through a computer or a laptop. You can always opt for a cell phone. All you have to do then is, interface your gadget to the web and sit in a comfortable place that suits your solace.

Install a Video Conferencing Application

To partake in a virtual escape game, you will be required to log in via a video conferencing app.

This will enable you to be a part of the game. You will then share the screen with your teammates and the game guide.

You can do it through any application like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more. The escape room center will generate a private link for your group to help you connect with them. This is a straightforward process as it only includes downloading the app and signing up.

So, ping all your friends and family and confirm your bookings today!

3 Easy Steps to Participate in a Virtual Escape Game

Virtual Escape Games offer just the right opportunity to savor the bamboozling as well as bewildering puzzles and riddles. They can be astonishingly enjoyable when played with your loved ones. These online gaming experiences are also suitable for first dates, weekend getaways with friends, and much more. These undertakings are adored by thrill-seekers worldwide since they offer a spout of adrenaline surge that sedates the psyche of players. Let us now talk about the main steps that need to be taken for partaking in an escape game online.

Step1. Select Your Favorite Escape Room Brand

The first step to play a virtual escape game is to find out your preferred escape room center.

For this, you will have to carefully analyze your favored escape rooms, look at their themes, difficulty level, ratings, and so forth. Before jumping to a conclusion, you will have to analyze if it is suitable for your teammates or not.

For instance, if you are a family with kids, you might not want to opt for a terrifying horror-themed escape room. Whereas, if you are a group of friends, you would love to go for bloodcurdling mysteries. So, make sure you talk it out with your companions and come to a decision that caters to everyone’s choices.

Step2. Confirm Your Bookings 

Once you have successfully finalized your escape room game, you will have to confirm the bookings

This step involves carefully planning out according to your date and time and booking a slot precisely. The booking process is mentioned on a brand’s website. Almost every brand lays down its price, requirements, rules, and regulations, along with all the necessary information. Make sure you go through it before finalizing and making the payment. Don’t miss out on the crucial information like the age limit, the maximum and minimum team members, the time limit, and so forth. This will be extremely helpful in reducing the chaos and confusion among your teammates.

So, make sure you take the opinion of every member and then proceed further.

Step3. Connect Through a Video Conference

After completing all the steps mentioned above, the escape room company will process your request and set up every essential element. They will provide you with a link that will play a significant role in your virtual gaming experience. They will instruct you as to what specific video conferencing platform is required. Make sure you install that application on your laptop, computer, or smartphone. All your teammates would be necessary to click on that link and connect on your respective time slot.

Once the video conference has been started, you will be introduced to a game master and your host. They guide you throughout the gaming encounter. This will help you to enjoy this euphoric experience without any hindrances.


Online escape rooms have rapidly gained popularity in recent years. These escape games successfully deliver an immersive gaming environment that completely submerges the individuals. Their mystical aura, paired with baffling enigma, is sufficient to provide an enrapturing experience to the players.

Setting up a virtual escape game is a simple task. In the article mentioned above, we have broken down each step into easy-to-understand pointers to make your experience effortlessly smooth.

If you want to partake in an online escape room, all you require is a smart device and a stable internet connection. This will help you contact your #1 escape room brand. Further, you’ll have to confirm your bookings and join the video conference in the selected time slot.

That’s it! So, what are you waiting for? Ping all your friends and embark on your virtual escape game today.



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