Dealing with injury and death is never easy for anyone involved. Knowing what sort of attorney is going to be able to fight for you and your family can make a difference in the long run and knowing the difference between wrongful death and personal injury can also make a difference. Wrongful death attorneys in Charlotte can help you get the right outcome that helps you move on and start living life again.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is any injury that was the cause of negligence of another person. This could be an injury when out shopping, a car accident, or an injury at work. The main stipulation in this type of case is that the injury is not the fault of the person that is filing the lawsuit. They have to have been injured as the result of something that another person either did or neglected to do resulting in the injury. A good example would be a slip and fall at a public building. Because the floor was not cleaned up, someone slipped and injured themselves, and then they are entitled to sue.

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is somewhat similar to personal injury. The death has to be the direct result of the negligence of another person. The individual that has passed away has to have done so as the direct result of the negligence or actions of another person. A good example might be someone that dies in a car accident. It was the action or inaction of the other driver or the driver of the car they were in that caused the injury that led to the death of the individual.

What is the Main Difference?

The main difference is that there has to be a death in a wrongful death suit, but there does not have to be in a personal injury case. The injury in a personal injury case does not have to be life-threatening, and it does not have to lead to a death in order to prosecute the case as such. For a wrongful death suit, it may start out as a personal injury suit then the person may pass away, and it can be changed to a wrongful death suit.

With wrongful death, it is important to note that there does have to be a death that was the result of the action or inaction of another person. If the individual caused the accident, they may not qualify for a wrongful death suit. Your attorney can help you better understand what qualifies as a wrongful death and what does not.

What does Compensation Pay for?

With a personal injury case your compensation can pay for medical bills that you have incurred as a result of the accident, it can pay for the money you lose while you are off work, it can pay for ongoing medical costs and more. This money is meant to help you live in a time when it may be difficult and when you may not be able to work or go about your life as you normally do.

Wrongful death funds are not that dissimilar. They are first and foremost used to help pay any outstanding bills or costs that are associated with the accident and with the death of the individual. They can also be used to pay for burial costs and to pay for any costs that might be lingering as a result of the death. The funds can also be used to help support any dependents that are left after the accident and to help spouses and family members keep on going after the death.

What Can an Attorney Do?

Your wrongful death attorneys in charlotte is going to be able to tell you what sort of suit is best fitted for the particular incident in question. They will be able to build a case and fight for you, and they will be able to help you get a settlement that is going to make living after the death of a loved one easier and more bearable. Though no amount of money is ever going to bring your loved one back, it can help you to pay bills and keep your current standard of living despite the accident.

Your attorney is going to fight for you and help you get a settlement, so you can handle end of life costs, pay medical bills and take care of your family after a wrongful death or after a personal injury. Your lawyer is your best asset, and they are going to be able to help you in so many ways following an accident or wrongful death so that you can rest easy, stop worrying and know that you have someone in your corner that is fighting for you and working to help you.



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