The wedding vow occupies a special place in the wedding ceremony scenario. The bride and groom want to convey their tenderness, love, and respect to their partner through a few sentences. But how can you pack so much meaning into a few minutes? For more inspiration, we decided to share unique vows examples, which can be customized for the bride and groom’s wedding vows if desired.

What Are Wedding Vows?

The wedding vows are that touching ceremony moment that makes everyone cry. You stand before each other and solemnly promise to love and respect your partner for many years. No matter how beautiful this moment might be in your dreams, everything can be much more complicated.

What Does Wedding Etiquette Say About the Length of Wedding Vows?

There are no strict limits. It all depends on your wedding scenario. It’s better to agree with your spouse and write texts approximately the same length so that everything is harmonious. The ideal size is one to two minutes. Moreover, this time, you already consider all the romantic pauses when taking your partner’s hand or looking into the eyes. Practice reading your vows out loud.

How to Write Personalized Vows?

If you’re having trouble writing your vows, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t put off writing your text until the last day. Maybe it’s better to take a few ready-made options to help.
  • Every creator needs inspiration. Use romantic movie plots, love songs, or ready-made scripts.
  • Read your vow out loud to a close friend.
  • Try to avoid silly jokes or personal revelations.

Tell a short story about your love, how you met, and why you fell in love. This information is already enough to write a good oath.

What Are Some Examples of Vows?

These unique wedding vow examples are no different from the traditional ones in wedding magazines. But choose carefully since many vows examples contain words that may or may not be close to your situation. Re-read it carefully and select the sample that only needs to change a few terms to make it perfect for you. Great start!

“I want to give my whole heart to you.

I love you for your kindness and promise to support you in all your endeavors.

I promise to share your goals since now they are our common goals.

I will help solve our problems because we can handle everything if we support each other.

I promise to build a house and fill it with love, care, and laughter — I will do everything possible for our happiness simply because I love you.”

“I love you so much.

Not only because you are kind, sympathetic, cheerful, sincere, and brave, there are no situations that we cannot cope with together. I appreciate your concern, patience, and purity.


Thank you for choosing me as your husband; now, we can make our dreams come true together.”

“I couldn’t imagine that I could fall in love so much.

You are so beautiful, kind, and cheerful.

I love your irresistible smile. It is so sincere and pure.

People say that marriage is difficult, but I am sure that we will destroy this statement.”

We would like you to keep it simple, romantic, and emotional. Hope you enjoyed these examples of vows. This can be a great start to finding words to express your love and promises on your wedding day!



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