Breaking Bad is undeniably one of the best shows of all time, in fact even today it is considered the number 1 show to be created till now. Everything about the show is absolutely perfect, such as the cast, the acting, the story, the effects, and everything else that you can think about. Speaking of the best shows of all time, if you really wish to catch up on some of the best shows airing right now, you might want to consider getting Spectrum Cable since it offers all the popular channels that you can think of, and that too at the best possible resolution!

Coming back to Breaking Bad, you might be wondering what the reasons are that make it such an amazing show that even today people say that it is the best show of all time. Keep reading to find out what those reasons are:

The Brilliant Cast of the Show

When it comes to versatility, that is something that the entire cast of Breaking Bad is known for. Each actor and actress did complete justice to their characters and it was as if the characters were made specifically for them to portray. What’s brilliant about the show is that the main lead, Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, transitions from being the protagonist to slowly becoming an anti-hero as his morals and principles change. Bryan has done an absolutely brilliant job with Walter’s character and even though Bryan has always been a comic and people thought he wouldn’t be able to take on a serious role, he proved everyone very wrong.

The second main character is Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul who has also done an amazing job with the character. He is supposed to be Walt’s old student who turns towards a world of drugs so that he could make good money out of it, which is exactly what Walt’s plan is as well.

A Kind of Story Like no Other

Breaking Bad offers you the kind of storyline that would have you hooked through the entirety of the show. The story is something that will most definitely stand out from everything else that you would watch. Not only is the show about a Chemistry teacher who turns towards a world of crime but it is also about the extent a man would go to so he could provide for his family in times of desperation. However, Walt eventually gets drunk on the power and the money, and eventually becomes something no one saw coming.

Ironically, Walter’s brother-in-law, Hank is in the DEA and Walt does his business right under his nose without him having any idea at all. Walt uses the pseudonym Heisenberg and throughout the series, Hank keeps trying to figure out who this Heisenberg is who is manufacturing America’s purest Methamphetamine. Walt also gets toxic to the extent that he stops Jesse from having any sort of relationship since he says it is something that would distract Jesse from his purpose, which is creating and selling Meth.

The Darker Side of the Show

There is absolutely no denying that life would certainly get very dark once someone turns towards a life of crime. Even though Walter does everything for his family, he eventually gets distant from his family, especially his wife who does not approve of what he does. Walter also loses a lot of friends in the process and he makes a lot of enemies along the way as well. We also get to see how heartless Walter tends to get with time and he loses his emotional connection to things, he becomes a lot more cold and there even comes a time when he has no problem killing people as well.

Even when it comes to Jesse, Walter first thinks of him as a son but eventually Walter becomes heartless for him as well and considers him a pawn in the game. He removes people from Jesse’s life in the most heartless of ways, which leaves Jesse traumatized and his mental health absolutely messed up.

A Very Satisfying End to a Rollercoaster of a TV Show

Breaking Bad definitely has a very exhilarating and exciting ending to it, the kind that really leaves the audience satisfied. The last two shows are called Ozymandias and Felina and there are reasons behind the episodes being called that, which you will have to read up on using the internet. The episodes show how Walt isn’t really happy with all the money that he made, considering he lost his friends and family in the process and ruined a lot of lives as well. He embarks on one last journey to try and make things right.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few reasons why you should watch Breaking Bad and why it stands out from the rest of the shows. So be sure to watch Breaking Bad as soon as you can, you can stream the show on Netflix whenever you want!



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