Investing in cryptocurrencies to create a source of passive income is becoming the first priority of investors. In the past few years, people have earned millions of dollars trading in the crypto market and the number of this kind of people is increasing.

But being unpredictable and complex, the crypto market is still nothing less than a nightmare for newcomers. A newbie always hesitates to invest in this giant market and thinks of it as a scam or something like that. This is not true at all as the crypto market is not a scam but a legit marketplace to invest and earn confirm profits. All you need to have some knowledge and skill to understand the pattern of the value of cryptocurrencies and awareness of the right time to trade.

To help the newbies and others, developers have invented robots that can work faster than human beings and predict something going to happen in the market to earn profit.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is a robot that is energized by advanced cutting-edge AI technologies and mathematical algorithms that can study the patterns of the value of cryptocurrencies and predict a profitable signal. This robot studies the situation in real-time and processes it quickly to create a signal. Bitcoin Prime is an autonomous robot that will do trade on your behalf in your absence following the parameters customized by you and earning profits for you 24/7.

Now it is the question that with so many features and benefits, Bitcoin Prime is free or paid. So let’s solve this equation in detail and learn if Bitcoin Prime is free or paid?

Is Bitcoin Prime Free or do You Have to Pay?

When it comes to software, there are different points to discuss whether it is free or paid.


Whenever you go for software registration, you are always asked to pay some amount in terms of registration fees. This is practiced by almost all developers and software companies.

But a special thanks to Bitcoin Prime’s team that they have no such fee at the time of registration. Creating an account in Bitcoin Prime is free of cost and you should not be bothered about it at all.


When you are going to deposit your savings in a Bitcoin Prime account, feel free to deposit a fee. Your whole amount will be transferred to your Bitcoin Prime account as it is. There is no deposit fee at all and the authority does not cut a single penny.


Imagine for a minute, you have earned some money and want to withdraw it, and then you see a line saying about some withdrawal charges. It would be very frustrating and your whole budget may disturb due to these hidden charges.

Bitcoin Prime has no such charges and your whole profit will be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours after you apply for a withdrawal.

So we can make a conclusion that Bitcoin Prime is a free-to-use platform and to earn money, you do not have to pay anything.



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