We live in a digital world, in the era of computers and technology. During this time when many people work from home, the technology is crucial.

Every day we use a number of tools to help our activities, some of them are for work, others are for school, but we can not function without tools, without technology.

Here, we will share with you the best online tool that you can use for free as many times as you want. This tool was made two years ago by a team of professional programs in the USA. They have put together seven tools that can help you in different ways. Mainly you will find this tool useful when this crise ends and you start to travel around the world. We are all waiting for it, right?

The main function of this tool is to track and find your position while you are offline. On a homepage is their most useful tool that can help you around. There you can find all the information about the address, city, state, country and your coordinates.

We have contacted the owners and have a short chat with them, to find more information about their tool, what their plans are for the future and so on. The main discussion was about your security when you are using these tools.

What they really put hard points on is that they are not storing your information, location and they are not even sharing with third party systems. They are using for such a purpose a local storage which is automatically deleted when you leave the website.

They mentioned that in the new year they will make huge updates on their tools. They didn’t want to reveal all the updates but they said that the most useful one will be offline. Imagine that when you visit a new country or continent and you do not have an internet connection you can not use maps for dining your position and walking around. This tool will break those limitations, and that is pretty awesome.

Looking forward to new changes, then we will make another in detail testing and review of this awesome tool.

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