Psoriasis is chronic inflammation that result in scaly, itchy areas on the scalp. People can use numerous natural treatments to help with symptom relief. Psoriasis of the scalp can cause mild to severe symptoms. A person may get hair loss if they do not undergo therapy. Natural treatments and shampoos can lessen the discomfort and irritation brought on by scalp psoriasis, hasten the healing process, and stop hair loss.

A medicated shampoo could help you manage your symptoms if you have bleeding scalp caused by psoriasis. Learn more about psoriasis shampoos in this article.

About Psoriasis Shampoo

People with psoriasis of the scalp might use psoriasis shampoo as a medicated treatment. In most cases, psoriasis shampoos don’t need a prescription. Still, you might need to speak with the pharmacist briefly before purchasing them or provide private information when buying online.

Shampoos for psoriasis don’t work the same as regular shampoos, which are just intended to wash hair. They are instead used as a treatment, applied, and then rinsed off for a while. Regular shampoo and conditioner on your hair after using a psoriasis shampoo may be a good idea.

Advantages of Using Psoriasis Shampoo

Psoriasis shampoo is believed to help relieve the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. It can achieve this thanks to certain ingredients that they are made from. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of various types of psoriasis.

#1. Coal Tar Shampoos

Coal tar has been used to treat psoriasis for over a century. It is present in creams, oils, lotions, and shampoos.By reducing the rate of skin cell growth, shampoos containing coal tar can help with scaling, hardness, and thickening of the skin on your scalp. They can also reduce irritation and improve the general appearance of your scalp.

This shampoo should be massaged into your scalp, then left on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.However, be careful that using coal tar shampoo may increase your scalp’s sensitivity to the sun. Tarcanremain on your skin for up to 24 hours when your risk of UV damage increases. Cover your head with a hat or seek shade if you’re outside.

#2. Salicylic Acid Shampoos

Salicylic acid helps you shed dead skin, which makes it effective for treating many skin issues. Scales on your scalp can be lifted, made softer, and removed, making ithelp with psoriasis.

Wet your hair and work one of these shampoos into a lather. Use it at least twice each week unless your doctor instructs otherwise. Avoid getting it in your mouth, eyes, or nose, and refrain from using it if you have a cut or rash.

Salicylic acid shampoos can dry out your scalp, which can cause further flaking. If you use them for excessive time or over a sizable portion of your head, they might also irritate your skin, give you the flu, or create other issues. Before attempting one of these, consult your doctor.

#3. Ketoconazole Shampoo

Ketoconazole, an antifungal medication, can also benefit persons with psoriasis-related dry, scaly skin. The most typical application of shampoos containing ketoconazole is to treat dandruff, another disorder that can result in skin flaking on the scalp. It also seems to help lower the inflammation brought on by scalp psoriasis, and it might even guard against infection.

Ketoconazole-containing shampoos can aid in the elimination of psoriatic plaques. Some people with scalp psoriasis are more susceptible to developing fungus infections than those without the illness. Ketoconazole is a very useful component that helps shield the scalp against uncomfortable yeast infections.

#4. Sulfur Shampoos

Sulfur-based shampoos are believed to work by lowering scalp irritation, which may help lessen the scale or buildup in a psoriasis plaque. The drawback of sulfur, a naturally occurring ingredient, is its strong odor, which can leave hair dry or brittle.Sulfur, which certain salicylic acid shampoos include, can prevent fungus. This kind of shampoo can be ideal if you also have a scalp yeast infection. Once the infection has cleared up, you should continue to apply it once or twice each week to keep your scalp healthy.


Seborrheic dermatitis, a common skin disorder characterized by rash and scaling on the scalp or face, often overlaps with scalp psoriasis. Despite the downsides, sulfur can be an excellent choice if your scalp psoriasis is one of these cases. Sulfur’s antifungal characteristics may help to control yeast growth because seborrheic dermatitis is thought to be partially triggered by an overgrowth of yeast on the skin.

Final Thoughts

Shampoos for psoriasis may contain various active components that might lessen the swelling, redness, and scaling brought on by the condition. Seeking therapy for your scalp psoriasis can significantly lower your risk of developing potentially harmful side effects and improve your skin’s appearance.

Consult a dermatologist to help you choose the ideal scalp psoriasis shampoo or other treatment options.



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