During the free time, the kids want to go to the garden, amusement park, beach and other places. Because the kids don’t like to stay inside the house and all public places are closed. Moreover, you can’t allow kids to play video games for more than one or two hours as you care about their health. Therefore you have to find some exciting games that your kids can play in your backyard.

Some outdoor games are popular for many years, but some kids may find it boring. The kids can play hide and seek, the freeze game and many others. These games are good but they are ancient in nature. In this article, we will explain some new and exciting games for kids to play the backyard. We request you to go through all the games to know how to keep your kids occupied in the yard during weekends, holidays and vacation period.

#1. Soda Bowling

You may have played the bowling game at a club in your town. In this game, you need to knock down multiple pins by hitting with one ball, one time. This is the same game for your kids, but you need to make it happen in your backyard. For that, you will need a carpet or flat surface, some pool noodles, 7 to 10 empty cold drink bottles and a beach ball.

Put the pool noodles as three sides closed and one side open on the carpet or flat surface. Arrange the empty bottles same as arranged in the bowling game. Then ask your kids to try to knock down the empty bottles in one hit. The game will be more interesting if there are more kids to play this game. The kid who will knock down maximum bottles will win the game.

#2. Water Balloon Hot Potato

This is one of the most loved games by kids because it contains a lot of fun. The Water Balloon Hot Potato requires at least 3 to 4 kids for playing it properly. The more the number of kids, the more fun they all will have. As the name suggests, you need to fill several balloons with water and put them in all in the bucket. You will also need a music player with speakers.

Ask all kids to stand in the way to create a circle. Give one water balloon to the first kid and play the music. Ask the first kid to pass the balloon to the next kid and so on. The kids have to keep passing the water balloon as long as the music is playing. As the music stops, the kid, who has water balloon in hands, needs to smash it on his/her head. Thereafter, the game will start again with a new water balloon.

#3. Get A Trampoline

The trampoline has become very popular in past few years. If you have enough space in your backyard then you must buy the best high bounce trampoline for your kids. All the kids love to play and jump on a trampoline. So, you can allow them to bounce on it for hours. But, it is recommended to keep an eye on your to know if they are playing safely on the trampoline.

#4. Get A Swing Set with Slide

A swing set generally includes at least two swings and one slide. It can provide hours of fun to your kids during weekend holidays and vacation. One swing set can occupy 3 to 4 kids at a time. It is a great investment that gives your kids a lot of fun, exercise and also let them learn to keep balance, climb on ladder and other activities.

#5. Sack Race

Sack Race is a wonderful game but the kids below 5 years should not play it. You need several empty sacks that you got while buying the potato in bulk. If you don’t have potato sacks then you can also use the sleeping bags. You will need five sacks/sleeping bags if you have five kids to play the Sack Race Game.


Make sure there is no rock, concrete or thorns in your backyard, the whole play area has smooth surface and grass. You should draw a finish line a little far from the starting line of race. Ask the kids to wear the sacks from the bottom to their chest and stand in a row. When you say “Go!”, your kids will start jumping with the sack. The first kid to cross the finish line with jumping with sack will win the game.

In this way, your kids can play some amazing games, online chess classes and many more  in your backyard.



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