Most professionals across the globe have recorded some difficulty with transitioning back into working at the office, following a year or so of working from home during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the shift into remote work being as jarring as their return to the office, it’s now more important than ever for business owners to think about how they can make their work environments an enjoyable space for their staff to be.

Aside from the fact that you want your office space to feel generally warm and inviting for coworkers and clients alike, there are a few other noteworthy reasons why it’s important that employees love their work environment.

Read on for a little outline of the benefits that can be experienced when you cultivate a positive workplace.

Positivity: The Ultimate Productivity ‘HACK’

If you’ve ever looked into the benefits of having coffee machines for business environments, chances are you’ve already been thinking about methods for maximising productivity in your office space. In all honesty, the power of positivity works along the same lines as an office coffee machine: staff feel compelled to take their breaks in the office, because the office is a positive environment that is equipped with everything they may need.

If your staff don’t need to leave the office for their coffee, then chances are they’ll feel encouraged to chat to their coworkers during their break, which in turn leads to not just collaboration and thus increased productivity, but also the development of strong positive relationships between coworkers. In essence, there are ways that you can make positivity itself into a positive feedback cycle. 

Development of Organisational Culture

Fostering interpersonal relationships in your workforce isn’t just valuable when it comes to boosting productivity or generally keeping your employees motivated. It goes without saying that an office is warmer when its workforce is amiable and well-connected. This warmth can be experienced on a daily basis throughout the work week, but it can also transcend working hours and permeate through to each individual member of your staff’s sense of community or of belonging.

If your workers feel like they can easily organise staff dinners or make fun weekend plans that are going to be more enjoyable than obligatory, then your organisational culture is likely to be incredibly strong, and it’ll thus be more likely that your employees will enjoy being at work too! 

Keep in mind, however, that cultivating a strong organisational culture doesn’t necessarily mean encouraging your staff to be ‘tightly knit’, as this can border on your workplace seeming ‘cliquey’. Even just a general atmosphere of warmth and positive connections can radiate outwards to the point where anybody who comes through your office can feel that they are entering a welcoming and inclusive space.

Minimises Rate of Employee Turnover

Finally, one of the most practical benefits to creating a positive work environment filled with positive connections, is that your staff will be less likely to leave. If your organisation comes equipped with a strong sense of community, then handing in your two week’s notice won’t just mean leaving a job. It’ll also mean leaving that community, and all the interpersonal relationships that come with your office space.

There are numerous recorded benefits to a low employee turnover rate, including but not limited to your company maintaining a positive reputation in your wider community. One elegantly simple benefit that must be mentioned, however, is that less new staff means you’re likely to have a workforce that’s well-versed in the nature of your business, and are likely to be more effective representatives for your organisation.

As you can see, ensuring your employees are happy at work can have so many more positive impacts than can be counted on two hands. Alongside boosting the strength of your workforce and improving the quality of your business, keeping your employees happy can oftentimes mean solidifying your organisation’s position both in your local community as well as in your wider industry. 

A happy organisation is an organisation that is well-equipped to stand the test of time. 



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