Everyone loves coffee, adores coffee. But not all coffee is created equal. Different kinds of coffee impact differently on our body. As we know, Caffeine is regarded as the utmost accepted psychoactive drug throughout the world. It can cause Insomnia, restlessness, increase blood pressure and other various issues or even cancer. So what kind of coffee is good for your health? Hence, when it comes to health benefits, which one is the healthiest kind? Now let’s jump on to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Taking Coffee

One cannot ignore the pros as well as the cons of drinking coffee. But we can reduce the risk if we take the best kind of coffee with the best procedure. It is advised to know about the benefits and drawbacks so that you can fit it with your ability.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  • Coffee shields against the type 2 diabetes. It reduces insulin sensitivity and lowers the risk by 11%.
  • Caffeine helps to prevent Parkinson disease. It also helps to control movement who already have Parkinson.
  • It decreases 40% of the risk of having liver cancer. Caffeine also helps to reduce cirrhosis and fatty liver problems.
  • Study shows that caffeine effectively lowers the risk of heart failure. Drinking a moderate amount of coffee lowers the risk by 11%.

Disadvantages of Coffee

  • Bad quality coffee might be toxic as it contains many impurities in it. So we should focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Coffee provokes Insomnia and restlessness. However, this effect is more valid for the caffeine sensitive ones. It actually depends on DNA variations.
  • Taking more than a coffee a day for a pregnant woman may be dangerous. Because caffeine reaches through the fetus and babies are extremely sensitive to caffeine.
  • Raw coffee is harmful for high cholesterol patients as it increases LDL cholesterol. So they need to select filtered coffee as it removes most of the LDL.
  • Caffeine raises enuresis or bed wetting for young kids.

The Best Kind Of Coffee

Perhaps you are used to drinking black coffee in morning time or before workout. The nutrition experts consider the Black coffee as the best kind of coffee. Yup, you heard it right.

The black coffee is free from sugar, cream, milk and flavors add on. Although it tastes a little bitter than the additives, many coffee addicts adore this strong form. Now we will walk through the main reasons which make this coffee special than others and why you should choose black coffee.

Nutrition Value Of The Black Coffee

Black coffee is perfect in all around and perspectives. It contains calories, carbohydrates and fats in low amounts. Actually, taking coffee can be harmful when you put different additives like sugar, milk, cream, flavours etc. People usually make equal value of calories, by adding elements which satisfies their tongue, as a big piece of cake. Nevertheless, let’s move to some scientific calculations.

Usually, black coffee contained in an eight-ounce cup covers:

  • Sugar: 00%
  • Fat : 00%
  • Cholesterol : 00%
  • Sodium: 00%
  • Carbohydrates: 00%
  • Potassium: 04%

Clearly we can see black coffee is free from sugars, cholesterol, fats or even cholesterol. So in other words, a caffeine addict can take this as a regular drink.

Weight Loss Program With Black Coffee

Black coffee is an outstanding accelerator for losing weight. It’s no secret that one can not think about a weight loss program without a proper dieting plan. This is how black coffee helps:

  • Black coffee holds chlorogenic acid. And this facilities the reduction of glucose production. For example, if you take coffee after taking food, it will make your body to slow down glucose generation which means less fat cells.
  • The black coffee is rich in antioxidants and it helps to reduce our weight.
  • As I already mentioned, black coffee has plentiful caffeine. Caffeine kills hunger and stimulates your body and energy level.
  • I also mentioned earlier that it is free from fats, cholesterol and contains a very low calorie. In other words, drinking black coffee will not push your weight up.

Quick Tips: If you follow a weight loss program, you are not permissible to add any additives. You need to put raw coffee on your body otherwise you will fail to do so. However, it is to inform you that a proper dieting plan is a must and black coffee will just help you speed up the process.

How To Make Black Coffee

There are different ways of making a black coffee. However, you can always follow the below steps to get incredible taste.

Firstly, To make a cup of black coffee you first have to boil about 5000 grams of water in a cately and wait for the stream to come out. Secondly, At that moment you need to grind the coffee beans into powder. Worth mentioning, grinding by yourself is the best choice to get the awesome taste. Thirdly, pour the boiled water in a cup. If you want you can add 2 spoons of sugar to it. Finally, add 3 tablespoon of coffee powder into the boiled water and mix it up. You are done.

Alternatively, If you want to make coffee without any effort and time sensitive then use a coffee machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are There Any Disadvantages Of Black Coffee Without Sugar?

A: Actually the black coffee has the least amount of negative sides compared to others. And adding sugar just raises it.


Q. Are There Any Benefits Of Coffee With Milk And Sugar?

A: Yes, as milk has whey and casein protein but you need to mix a limited amount.

Q. How much coffee you should take everyday?

A: You can take up to 400 mg as the most nutritionist suggests.


Ultimately, Black is king if we look for coffee. However, excessive drinking of black coffee can also make your future black.

So at this point, I am hoping you are crystal clear what kind of coffee is good for your health. So choose precisely and never go for cheap brands. Always focus on quality otherwise it will do more harm than good.



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