Professional letterhead is one of the top important things for business. Sending a copy of a letterhead to your client is far better than simply sending an email. A well designed letterhead can catch someone’s attention easily. Your letterhead will not be trashed like an email as people think you have done so much work on it. Making a letterhead design that looks attractive, but professional needs so much work on it.

We will give here the top tips to design professional letterhead. You can also get help from a printing service provider like Creative Art Limited for all your business printing requirements. This article will help you to make your own business letterhead easily.

Where to Start

If you have not made any letterhead design before then you will surely get confused on where to start on a blank page. For creating a letterhead, you need software to design it. For normal users Microsoft Word is a great choice. But, it has some limitations when you work on graphics. For the best letterhead layout design, you can use any of the software from  Adobe Indesign, QuarkxPress or Illustrator. QuarkxPress is a cheaper option than Adobe Indesign. For single page layout design, Illustrator should be your choice.

Letterhead Size

While designing letterhead, its size is also important. You can choose the size of the letterhead by where you need the letterhead. All countries and regions have their standard letterhead size. So, create a letterhead with proper size as per country of your business. For letterhead design, create grid design as simple as possible. While creating posters or magazine covers, designers need complex grid design. But, here in letterhead design you need simple structure.

Borders of Letterhead

Borders are very important in any printed promotional items. For letterhead design is also a crucial thing. With the latest technology, printing with an amazing mix of colors is possible. Home color printers also can do amazing prints with high resolution. So, why not take this benefit to design letterhead borders. When you frame content within color borders, it can easily catch attention. You can create a thin border with graphics to make it look modern.

Background Graphics

This is the latest trend to create amazing letterhead. You can also give 2d or 3d looks in letterhead design with different background graphics. Depending upon the design of the letterhead, you can insert graphics on the corners or bottom of the letterhead. For more ideas about background graphics, you can search in Google so that you can see other letterheads that have implemented background graphics. Once you make design for background graphics then you can also implement the same graphics in other printing products of your business like business cards and brochures.

Header of the Letterhead

Header is the first thing when someone looks at your letterhead. Most traditional letterheads have bold headers. But, you can do some different things to make it look modern and stylish. You can insert a picture or design in the background of letters in the header. It looks great if you mix colors properly while selecting color of text and background. You can insert the logo of your brand in the header with this design.



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